Is Obama Flawless?

At the risk of making him appear to be the anti-Christ, Barack Obama has run a good campaign.

….A flawless campaign.

While Clinton stumbles over every made-up story, every half-truth, and unimaginative attack, Barack Obama has done something that we the people have never seen before. He tells the truth, as a politician! Yes, you heard it right. A Politician. And more importantly, he doesn’t back down from criticism. He takes his point of view, and trumpets it with clarity and dignity.

Even when Obama screws up, he does it well. This whole “bitter” controversy (politics at its best) in the hands of a lesser Democrat would have been explained, apologized for, excused, taken back, reworded, apologized for again, and been a huge tool for the Bush Dynasty. But our once-in-a-lifetime candidate says, “I could have worded it better,” but sticks to his guns. Doesn’t back down under pressure. Calmly addresses the issue and takes his stance. And isn’t that what we really want in a presidential candidate?

I’m afraid this bickering between our Democrating candidate and our Female republic candidate will hurt Obama’s push to the White House. Hopefully not… all I can say is, if you’re 18 years old, GO VOTE.


4 Responses

  1. I like Obama, if I was american and, over 18 I would vote for him twice, maybe 3 times.

  2. Did you know that the only place in the US you can legally vote twice is in Texas? (For Primaries anyway. Double primary systems. Very strange.)

  3. Lol, I didn’t know you could vote twice legally anywhere.

  4. I think Bill Clinton said something about it when he came to my town, so it was in my town’s newspaper. That’s the only way I know about it.

    Texas is the only state in the union that allows people to legally vote twice: once in the primary, and once in their local caucus, or, as they are called in Texas, “precinct conventions.”

    Roughly two-thirds of the pledged delegates (126) are determined by the outcome of the primary, and the remaining delegates (67) are determined by the results of the caucuses.


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