Completely vain introduction blog

by pegleghippie

Howdy Everybody!

After dropping my magnum opus on you earlier, I thought I’d give you a proper introduction to myself.  I’m Pegleghippie, and this one is all about me.  I’m a full-time student and a part time “panera associate.”  That means I clean toilets and make sandwiches (not with the same pair of gloves).  My major is philosophy and I have two minors, leadership and government.  I’ve lived all over the world, I’m a vegetarian, and as far as politics go, I’m a “let live but regulate for shared freedom’s and safety sake” kind of guy (I’m a registered green).  Most of my writing will be on philosophical perplexities, although I’m sure there will be lots of politics, religion bashing, and even the occasional short story.  I hope I don’t bore any of you too quickly.

6 Responses

  1. […] for ‘the seven deadly sins.’ Now since i had the word ‘vain’ in my introduction post, and included a picture of ms. vanity, that worthless little paragraph is the most popular post on […]

  2. You might want to take that piece of artwork down, unless of course the artist gave you permission to post it here.

  3. anything found online under a certain size or content amount is free under the law. thanks for the warning though.

  4. I shouldn’t have taken it down, looking back. I should have asked Um if he/she was the original artist or I/P owner, and if not, to please kindly stop being a goody two-shoes. Too lazy to change it back though.

  5. I put it back because I like it. and I don’t like people that misquote copyright law.

  6. Me either. Hurumph hurumph.

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