It’s a Pleasure for you to Meet Me

While I’m guessing that most of the traffic here is coming from iPTF, I figured I’d give this whole intro thing a shot.

Pretty much, I write about whatever comes to mind, be it rants about the sun or an analysis of Apple’s business model of screwing the consumer. The most important thing that I can recommend to you is to not take anything I say too seriously. I intend to write a bunch of articles, mostly rants but the occasional rational argument might pop up.

Anyways, if you like what I’m doing, don’t like what I’m doing, or want to give me your kidney, feel free to contact me at

– Danls92

2 Responses

  1. As a fellow, kind blogger, my foremost and highest tip would be to add ‘Digg’ buttons to your site. For me, at least 100+ Visitors per day come solely from Digg. Also, I added your URL into the list of Google’s to crawl, so it should be up on Google soon.

    I would also reccomend getting a domain, but if you aren’t that serious, then you might want a .tk domain. It allows you to have an email (like i do), and a redirection, although it does not have hosting.

    Also, I cannot get wordpress working properly, can you email me how to (

    I hope this helps,

  2. Well played danls92, but i would point out that my own introduction post had a picture, therefore I win.

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