President Carter makes unlikely progress.

That face doesn’t lie, folks!

Despite admonitions from the US government, President Carter travelled to Syria last week to speak with Hamas leaders. For those of you that didn’t read my last article, Hamas is the fundamentalist Islamic group that supports Barack Obama, and believes that with Obama as president, America would be heading in the right direction.

Go Carter!

I mean really, we’re talking about international peace in the Middle East. What are we waiting for? Is America really owned by the Jews? (Nothing against Jews, it just seems like we have it out for anything that disagrees with our Hebrew… friends.) President Carter and Hamas leaders came to the agreement that if Palestine was given its only land, its own nation, within the borders of the 1967 agreement, they would live peacefully with their Israeli neighbors.

WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? I mean really guys, win win here. Stop terrorism from happening in the Middle East, and practically eliminate the entire terrorist threat to our own nation. For doing what, you ask? The same thing we did for Israel. Draw a few pretty lines on a map, make it look epic, and ship ’em off to either live together peacefully or blow theirselves up like Soldiers in Team Fortress 2. (Awesome game by the way, send me a friend invite: name is Mekhami.)

But instead, we get all pissy in our panties, scold Mr. Former President Extraordinaire, and stubbornly refuse to do anything we don’ wanna. Ugh. Time for American Government to grow up.

3 Responses

  1. If it just was that simple …

    I appreciate Carter’s trys; I really do but the thing is Israel won’t agree to anything without the security of the other party keeping to it’s promises. And after Gaza I can see why.

    Who does make sure there are no rockets fired at Tel Aviv as soon as the last IDF soldier has left the Westbank? Nobody. And after decades of broken promises I can see why a word isn’t enough for jeopadising the whole country …

    – Migdalit

  2. Well I’m sure it wouldn’t be a turn-on-a-dime deal. They’d eventually move to their state, and I’m sure there’d be UN peace-keeping efforts going on for… perhaps a decade. But what I think President Carter understands, and that all people need to understand, is that if we don’t try something, if we don’t start something, this is all going to escalate into a huge, grenadier’d mess.

  3. You’re right that its only political machinery that holds palestine back. This is the perfect time to scream that phrase, “fuck politics, people are dying!”

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