Sam L. Jackson and Twitter.

Samuel L. Jackson
For those of you that haven’t seen Iron Man yet, stay after the credits have rolled.


THAT BONUS SCENE WAS AMAZING. OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE. I don’t believe I’ve ever said that about a superhero movie. This cliffhanger was spectacular. ‘Avenger Initiative’ oh my god, I think that was an orgasm there.


In other news, I found an apartment in Denton to move into. Very nice, balls expensive but worth it, I think, in the long run. Which brings me to my next point, I love Twitter. It’s unfortunate that my co-founder here is my only follower.

For those of you that don’t already know, Twitter is a unique form of social networking that lets you send regular status updates about yourself to mobile devices and computers based on who is following you. Twitter even saved a guy’s life!

You just text your status updates to twitter, and then Twitter will do all the work for you and send out that update to all your designated followers. And you can follow your favorite Diggnation stars, Alexalbrecht and Kevinrose while you’re at it, since they’re insanely popular and awesome.

So, please, follow me on twitter! I need your help to spread the word about this blog. We’ve been doing really great with visitors lately, so let’s keep up the trend. Just sign up at Twitter and follow me by clicking here and follow Teslanaut while you’re at it. Click here for his twitter.

7 Responses

  1. the twitter concept seems a bit vain to me…no offense but I don’t give a shit what you do throughout the day.

  2. Then don’t follow. But useful information can be shared through twitter, like Blog updates, podcast filming, live shows starting, where the party is getting together after such and such. Don’t knock it til you try it. Isn’t that a logic law?

  3. actually, logic is all about judging things without having to try everything. And I just don’t desire to consume every single update that comes across my corner of the internet.

    As to parties, I think cell phones are alienating enough, reading what amounts to a news update for a social event is way too impersonal (keep in mind, I don’t have a facebook).

  4. You’re thinking of it from way too analytical a standpoint, and forgetting practicality. And you can’t understand practicality through formulation, logic, and analysis. Practicality is the pinnacle that internet resources are trying to achieve, and things like Digg, Twitter, (sometimes Facebook), these are practical applications.

    Twitter is now a news update for a social event. Just the way to spread thew ord about it. Some people won’t know about it, have been busy that day, or need some acquaintance to get their ‘party news.’

  5. american philosopher Charles Pierce, who coined the term pragmatic, viewed the practical as a wholly legitimate aspect of the logical.

    And as it stands, there’s nothing practical about increasing consumption of data of another’s life. What I know of twitter pursues this impractical (and narcissistic) goal, as well as most of what goes on with facebook.

    I make an exception for digg, as the goal for digg seems to be to increase knowledge through a system where the best posts are decided democratically.

    Note the difference between useful knowledge (an essay that has been thought out and deliberated upon) and pure data (i ate cereal for breakfast this morning. Does this mean anything? Can you use it? no, but it’s true, and now you know it). Also note the difference between a system that encourages individuals to willingly and mutually play big brother to each other, and a system that encourages meritocratic attention through democratic choice.

    If the internet really is about delivering useful (practical) resources into the hands of many, then it should increase knowledge, not just data, and be used to make our lives better by connecting people, not worse by alienating us through an increasing number of third-party communication channels.

  6. How can you remark fully on the practicality of Twitter while having no experience for it? Doesn’t the very word practicality demand it? I mean, there’s theoretic use, analytic use, which are what you are remarking on; mass transfer of impractical data about one’s life to a broad audience. But the practical use is so much more, as I’ve exampled earlier. I wouldn’t gave known about the extra scene at the end of iron man if it weren’t for twitter. (Call that impractical if you war, but it brought me happiness. And in Bhutan, happiness is a very real factor for economics and government.) I also advertise this blog on twitter, which you should be cheering for sir.

    All said and done, I simply think you need to try twitter before you wholly dismiss it.

  7. First of all, Yay Bhutan.

    Second, i’m taking practical to mean useful, for practice of one’s skill. I’m basing my judgment of twitter based on 1) your description and 2) poking around the links you provided.

    And you’ve shown that it has some uses, but only within the larger selfish context that I’ve already exposed.

    Also, I think you misunderstand the word ‘analytic.’ Analytic means within-the-system -itself, like using math to figure out more complicated math. If it’s got reference to something else, its referential, if it’s made up of a composite of ideas, it’s synthetic. I’ve striven for a synthetic judgment of the social nature of various internet programs.

    Why synthetic? Cause it’s ultimately based in empirical observation, and that is always practical.

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