Oh yeah, Save Internet Radio please!

After writing that earlier article today, I seemed to have found my muse!




Basically, Cable and Satellite radio are paying half as much royalty fees to artists than our awesome internet radio compadres are. Sites like Last.fm, Pandora.com, these places are at a huge risk of being shut down completely due to the fact that they have no competitive edge. Basically they’re getting shut out by SoundExchange, who negotiates royalty fees.

Go to that website that I linked earlier, and read about it. If you suport it, and YOU SHOULD!, then give your senator a call. There’s actually a service right on that website that will tell you who to call and what to say.

Now I know what most of you are saying, how many people ACTUALLY call their senator? Well, I never have until now, I called and this is what happened.

Them: Senator Hutchinson’s Office.
Me: Hi, I’m calling to ask Senator Hutchinson to save Internet radio by co-sponsoring the Internet Radio Equality Act.
Them: Okay, can I get your zipcode?
Me: (Zip Code)
Them: I’ll pass that right on for you.
Me: Thanks!
Them: Have a good day.

This was NOT an intimidating, awkward phone call. This was me asking this other person to tell someone something for me. (God that sentence was convoluted.) This is a vital part of saving the internet radio.

The internet is our future folks, and we need to support an open-ended future.



3 Responses

  1. Great post.

    There is a battle moving forward and perhaps in the end trademark will go the way of the dinosaur.

    In a sense, traditional radio and their inability to keep up with the free market was a deal killer for them.

    Best Regards,


  2. Why should internet radio stations be allowed to play music and not pay a royalty to the artist they play? If you want to run a business where your core function and content is music, you can’t expect to have the content without paying for it. You play my music, you don’t pay me, yet you charge an advertiser thousands of dollars to place a banner ad on your site. Hmm. Sounds like a raw deal to me.

  3. You obviously didn’t read… They’re currently requiring internet radio managers to pay TWICE the royalty fees to broadcast radio, satellite radio, and other mediums.

    So internet radio is paying double what everyone else is, and that’s the problem.

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