Welfare, Medicaid, Screw the Middle Class

This is my most conservative ideal. Or maybe not.

Here’s some real statistics that I’m going to make up for you.

82% of welfare recipients are minorities. (37% Black, 29% Hispanic, 18% White, 10% Asian-American, 6% Native American)
79% of medicaid recipients are minorities. (See above statistics, subtract 3% from minority of choice.)

Obviously these are real statistics that I just randomly generated in my head. But with that in mind, I’d be willing to bet the numbers are pretty close… maybe swap black and hispanic, asian-american and white. Give or take on all of ’em, and you have a good makeup of what our nation’s vast welfare budget is going to.

Now, from my previous post, you know I work in a hospital. Far too often, all the damn time, I see minorities coming in with clothes that don’t fit, look like they haven’t ever been washed, smell like marijuana and look like they are on meth. Of course, behind this lone woman trails a gaggle of small obnoxious children.

Folks, if you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.

Why do they do it to themselves? Endow themselves with a life of poverty. That’s fun! I’ll tell you why though, it’s because my state, if not my national government, gives away health insurance to any pregnant woman (with stipulations I’m sure, probably about being unemployed and stuff like that. I mean who has time to work when they had their 4th kid at 19?). It’s the lower-class’s only way out of rising insurance costs and even higher medical bills. What’s my issue with this?

My hard-earned 7.50 an hour, my emotionally draining occupation, is going to these people who don’t do fuck-all for themselves but have more babies so they get more Medicaid and health insurance. Is it their fault? Pegleghippie would say no, the government puts them in this situation. They sponsor it through lack of education funding and lower police activity in the poor sections of urban America. Thus empowering drug dealers and gang members and further subjugating the American minorities.

I call shenanigans. I call him a conspiracy theorist, he calls me naive. It’s a fun little balance we have. But I firmly believe in this logic, this reality; every choice is a choice. Simple enough statement. But what I mean by that is you may be presented with the option to do drugs or not do drugs. You may be handed this opportunity more times than anyone else in the world, but every time, you will still have the choice. It’s not that hard to utter a single syllable. No.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for increasing education and police funding for the point of bettering the lower and middle classes. I will wholeheartedly agree that there is a need. But I think that currently that need is an excuse for lower-class America to feed off of welfare and medicaid. To feed off of my money.

But there’s a bigger problem with our system. This time, actually, a real, true statistic that I didn’t make up; ready for this? 93% of our welfare and disability money is being stolen by vendors. You know, those unhelpful people who give out food stamps and distribute checks? 93%. 93% of something close to 2 billion dollars. This private study shows a shocking amount of corruption in American finance handling.

So what’s the real problem? Is it people feeding off welfare? Or is it vendors stealing it, corrupt bureaucracy? 93% of me says it’s the latter. But that 7% is still furious at those whiny little children with paper-cuts.

8 Responses

  1. I think you would be surprised how quickly your life would grind to a halt if you lost ALL HOPE. Depression is a powerful force, whether it be economical or emotional (for many of these people the two go hand in hand). American society is driven by selfish gain. It isn’t conspiracy theory that our government lets all of these people fall by the wayside, it’s just that the politicians who run for PUBLIC OFFICE do not care about anybody other than themselves, just like every other American. And so the same principle applies to the thieving and despicable vendors who steal the money meant to help others. This is America. And we will not change anytime soon, so I guess we accept it or go someplace else. Too many people like things just the way they are.

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  3. From what I read and hear is Obama is not for people in need!

  4. Please notice the correlation: the more a nation spends on welfare and national insurance programs, the higher the overall standard of living. If you want to attack waste and laziness, just look at the bloated military budget.

  5. Touche, BP.

  6. Oh PUH-LEAZE, BP! You’re obviously not categorized “middle class”, or you wouldn’t have said such inaccurate crap. I’ve been in health care for almost 30 years, and it’s only become worse in this country. Second and third generation welfare recipients come to the hospitals and clinics, receiving better care than we with health insurance. THEY can go anywhere they damn well please, for any stupid complaint, while we, the working class, have to pray our referrals for life-saving treatments are approved. We also have to go to hospitals we’re “allowed” to go, according to our insurance. The government doesn’t owe anybody anything, except basic freedoms, which by the way, is WHAT military spending is about. If you’re so upset by that, go live in Canada.

  7. You prove BP’s point with the first part of your comment. We don’t spend nearly enough on our welfare and national insurance programs, on our healthcare programs.

    We have a bloated military budget and a malnourished healthcare budget.

    You’re proving his point, i don’t see where you disagree.

    We’re paying out our asses for taxes, 30-50% of our paychecks going to the government. Don’t you think the government owes us something back?

  8. Don’t worry mekhami, extremists like Tac don’t really seem to believe in democracy (at least I assume that when Tac writes “The government doesn’t owe anybody anything,” because such a sentiment suggests that we aren’t the government) so his/her vote doesn’t count.

    Oh wait.

    Maybe this is why we’ve been fucked since 1980 or so?

    Tac, please see https://enigmaengine.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/liberals-conservatives-and-freedom/

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