Switzerland day 2: museums!

so today i got free hotel breakfast, ripped off for a sandwich at lunch, and ate a weird spanish pizza for dinner.  All food is expensive (but liquor isn’t!) , the goal for tomorrow is to spend no money on food (we get two meals free thanks to our professor’s touring connections).

Anyway, today was all about museums.  The first was a history museum, which was very pretty, but really boring.  I mean really, just lots of artifacts, and an elaborate exhibit on families.  Turns out swiss families developed the same way as the rest of the western world.

The other museum was an art museum, and it was awesome.  From ancient art (medieval paintings literally pulled from walls) to modern stuff, from Picasso to dadaism, and plenty of weird trippy post-modern stuff.   Seriously, I think i get modern art now.

We had a discussion over the comparison about Switzerland comparing the two, and our french professor went onto a long tangent about Marxism (Marx was quoted in the family exhibit).  So not the most substantive discussion.  Oh well.

I called my family today, my sister doesn’t leave for New York until thursday, which was a surprise, and my dad is going to someone’s retirement party?  So yeah not much news on the home front.

We spent a lot of time in the train station today, which is like a mall, since the Swiss are all about efficiency and putting transportation and consumerism together is superefficient.  Swiss Chocolate is even better than Swiss cheese (which has found its way into every meal I’ve had so far), My friend got a 125 frank watch, and vodka is about the same price as it is in the US.  After that, lots of card playing, I suspect that my french professor has been buying illicit drugs, and staying up way too late for how early I have to get up tomorrow.  Peace out guys, Pendel, it’s up to you to curb mekhami’s conservative side while I’m gone.

4 Responses

  1. The Swiss willingly bent over and got a brownie with nuts from the Nazi party.

  2. It’s more complicated than that: the elected temporary ‘commander in chief’ style general issued a ‘neutrality declaration’ that basically said, ‘all invaders will pay through the nose.’ There was only one possible invader.

    At the same time, however, the Swiss banks didn’t turn anyone away, and effectively managed Germany’s finances for the war. in the 1990’s, there was a big outcry against Swiss action, and subsequent investigations said that the government should have stepped in and controlled the bank at some point, but nowhere did the Swiss cave in to Nazi pressure.

  3. Eh, you’re probably right. I’m sure that most American banks are choked with a glut of Darfur money. We’re no better.

  4. Or, I guess I should say Sudanese money.

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