Switzerland: Second Wednesday

sorry I haven’t told you of my travels; it’s been busy and computer free over here, and this one will have to quick too.  I’ll continue my Swiss special blogging after I’m back to fill in the details.

We went to Geneva for two days, saw Rousseau’s birthplace, went to the UN and the Red Cross, toured the city.  Not only is it a mjor international hub, it has been for most of it’s history, as there seemed to be a statue to some diplomat or other on every corner.  Also, hookers everywhere, attractive hookers no where.  Oh and we washed our clothes in a bathtub, cause laundry is expensive, like everything else.  Night life was ok.

Now I’m in Lassaune, which is super pretty, the hilliest city I’ve ever seen, and has one ugly university.  We met a guy named Digby Thomas there, a brit.  He’ll get his own post later on.  Also:  weed in a can in vending machines!  I’ve picked my paper topic, focusing on political influence on the Swiss banks, internal and external, and what that means for the long history of secrecy and corruption.

Today we toured a cheese factory, and saw our second castle.  More on Castles in the future.  The cheese factory was boring and short, but we did get in a fight with a group of elementary kids on the train.  Apparently our fat American asses take up too much seat space, so their teacher, rather than let the kids seperate throughout the car to find seats, came in yelling at our professors.  He was polite, but she was so rude, we held our ground.  The Swiss solution was to add another car to the train for the kids.  The just happened to be on the return train too, which was much more crowded.  We made sure the teacher didn’t have a seat and had to stand.

Oh and I went to France!  The riverside town of Evian, where the water is bottled.  Even prettier than Swiss towns, and in the French tradition, everything was presented well and organized, in a planned way.  The Swiss just kinda keep building on top of whatever medieval foundations they have.

And thats it for now, I’m off to free dinner (one of the few).  More to come!


2 Responses

  1. I actually love cheese. it’s one of my favorite foods, and i think I would have loved to see the factory.

    I think secret swiss bank accounts are a huge problem in this world, and I certainly hope to have one someday.

  2. CHEESE!

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