‘Your mom’ jokes are the most appropriate form of sarcasm

by pegleghippie

Ok, I’ll do a Switzerland wrap up of every city once I get the pictures together, but until then, I just want to complain.

What’s up with you religious people?  Damn.  And conservatives?  Come on, for serious guys.  Oh and anyone who isn’t self-critical and living ‘the examined’ life.  I mean really.   get with it unenlightened masses.

I know, I know, I’m probably not right about everything and I should assume that others are thoughtful and deliberate and have good reasons for the choices they make.  I’m just having trouble seeing it at the moment.  It all looks so ridiculous.  It’s hard to deal with diversity in a responsible way.  Ok that’s it.  Just wanted to vent for a moment there.  



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