by pegleghippie
I just saw Hancock, and it was sweet. You may be asking, “why was it so sweet?” Thats the problem. Sure it was funny, sure it had a cool connection between comic book superheroes and mythology, sure there was an enormous “that was cool” factor at every stunt and every twist, but the movie feels like it should be profound. I just don’t know how.

Was the message, “individual strength is more important than love?” Was it, as Mary says at one point, “Fate doesn’t decide everything. There is a choice.”?  If the former, that’s a rather odd, lonely message, if the latter, it’s rather uninspired.

There may have been some smart commentary on young black men’s relationship to “the system,” but if so, then the movie just alluded to these problems without developing them in any real way. FAIL on the political front.

It definitely wasn’t a stereotypical superhero movie. Maybe that’s all it was, an interesting, very unconventional story, so it stayed with me. I’m really not sure. Everyone who reads this should go see it, if you haven’t already, and figure out just what the hell Hancock was going for, then get back to me. Thanks.


2 Responses

  1. Did you like the movie? I like Will Smith.

  2. i liked it. A lot of people didn’t supposedly. The hard part is knowing why I liked it.

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