Saddam Bin Laden; or, the Iraq Witch Trials.

December 29th, 1992. Osama Bin Laden performs his first terrorist attack with American citizens as his target. A bomb at a hotel in Yemen. The US soldiers survived, but two Austrian tourists are killed.

February 26, 1993. The first World Trade Center bombing. Osama Bin Laden is vaguely linked, but never directly.

October 12th, 2000. The USS Cole is the target of a suicide bombing, Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda is directly linked.

March 3rd, 2003. George W. Bush declares war.

On Saddam Hussein.

This war was entirely based on fear. It was justified and sponsored by fear. It was fueled and funded by fear. The Americans, after September 11th, were petrified of terrorists. New bomb threats. Planes being grounded. Anthrax in envelopes. Pipe bombs and Jihads and poisoned drinking water.

So what do Americans do when they are afraid of something they can’t put a name to?

The same thing they did in the history of the nation. We recreate the Salem Witch Trials in a more comfortable fashion, where it’s some other nation’s citizens who are the accused. We can’t figure out why the cows are dying and the weather’s bad and Darla’s baby was borne still. So while Osama bin Laden is missing in the mountains of Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein is in a place we can target, it’s in a place we can pinpoint with terrifying accuracy.

So we bomb Baghdad. Such a great name for a place to bomb, isn’t it? It just sounds like the sorta place we like to blow up. (Sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell.)

Why did we knock off Saddam Hussein? We did it to appease the bloodthirst for bin Laden. Congratulations America. You’re responsibility for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people. Directly responsible. No minor affiliation. The supporters of this war, the supporters of the Bush administration, the supporters of the Republican party, have committed the war crime.


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  1. Sounds pretty good.

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