My Opinion on War Crimes Tribunals.

A tribunal indicted a 66-year old Cambodian man on charges that he was a prison warden at a Khmer Rouge prison camp in Phnom Penh.

The 66 year old man looks like he’s been chased his entirely life by demons straight out of hell.

Is this man a threat to society?

Why should we imprison this man?

Why should we imprison the man in recent news, who was a doctor or something at a concentration camp during the Holocaust?

What threat are they?

I would think they are punished enough with the memories of the things they did. These tribunals seem like witch hunts.

2 Responses

  1. It also seems odd that this man is put on trial but George W. Bush, king of the waterboard, is not.

  2. […] forward to.  But until that time, you’ll have to make due with mekhami, and his sympathy for war criminals.  […]

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