Out of Town

by pegleghippie

Okayz guyz, today I leave town to take my sister to college (she made the drumline!).  We’re meeting the parents at said state university, and doing the move in thing.  Also, I think my parents are giving me throw pillows.  Woo!.

Anyway, after peglegsister is moved in, I’m going to yet another state university to see a few friends of mine for a few days.  I think an italian vagabond is also visiting these friends, and I’ll be eating a raw vegan diet.  Beyond that events are laregely unpredictable.  Fun times.  

Anyway, I’ll be back on the 21st, possibly the 20th if work is dickish, but I’m planning on the 21st. That’s actually the day after the freshman move on to campus, so it’ll be like coming back to an entirely different place.  Hopefully by then I’ll finish my weeks-old rumination on belief and respect, and maybe I’ll even have a few stories I can share with you.  So there’s that to look forward to.  But until that time, you’ll have to make due with mekhami, and his sympathy for war criminals. 

8 Responses

  1. Vegans. Gross. You know, when a freaking vegan comes to your place for dinner, you have to make sure they have a dish to eat or else everyone thinks your some kind of fucking dick. So demand a burger be made available to YOU! Fight the goddamn power. These freaking vegan assholes are every bit the fascists that PepsiCo is.

  2. Uh, I think pegleg likes vegans =P

  3. Well, there’s no counting for taste, right?

  4. Accounting, I mean to say.

  5. Pendel, A) My friends are not fascists. If they lived in the 1930’s, they’d take up arms and go to Spain to fight the fascists. They are this close to taking up arms against pepsi.

    B) I’m a vegetarian (have been longer than this blog has existed), so hanging with vegans just means that I don’t eat real cheese.

    C) At one percent of the population, and largely a lower-to-middle class idealist percentage, they are hardly “the goddamn power.”

    D) If you had access to Nada’s cooking, you’d see there was nothing to complain about, and nothing to miss 🙂

  6. Touchy.

  7. Sorry. Dude, its food. Food’s pretty fundamental to a person.

  8. I had a pulled-pork sandwich last night. I was GOOD, YO. But hey, I dig beans too, so it’s all good.

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