summary of postmodernism

by pegleghippie

Ok to pick up on my previous post, I found a quote that summarized postmodernism in such a way that it actually makes sense.  My professor would hate this, since he says pomo defies summary explanation, but he can suck it; this explains it pretty well:

Although diverse and eclectic, postmodernism can be recognized by two key assumptions.
First, the assumption that there is no common denominator – in ‘nature’ or ‘truth’ or ‘God’
or ‘the future’ – that guarantees either the One-ness of the world or the possibility of
neutral or objective thought. Second, the assumption that all human systems operate like
language, being self-reflexive rather than referential systems – systems of differential
function which are powerful but finite, and which construct and maintain meaning and

From the Routledge Encyclopedia entry on postmodernism.


5 Responses

  1. uhhhh…

  2. I agree with the above comment

  3. come on guys. all human systems operate like language, being self-reflexive! What’s not to get?

  4. I have no respect for postmodernism.

    1) The name is stupid. Like, cant anything come after it? Post post modernism? F@#$@.

    2) It is pseudo-philosophical gobbledygook based, I shit you not, on French puns.

    3) “the assumption that all human systems operate like language”–OH, f-ing please. PLEASE someone tell exactly what language is and how it works its magic. Thank crap. The pomos have figured it out. Of course, they don’t define that in any way that helps anyone. They just jerk off to Lacan, and pretend to understand him.

    4) If they know how language works, goddamnit, why don’t they make any f-in sense? Just saying.

    5) Check out the Sokal hoax.

    6) If there is no truth and all things are relative and they really believed that, would Derrida have protected his copyright?

    7) You can learn a few things by reading On Grammatology and glean insights into German philosophers, but most of the people who came after Derrida are, as best I can tell, poseurs of no measurable talent (but who needs talent? everything’s relative–wheee!)

    8) Yay! Words don’t refer to reality! Whee! Science is a social contruction. Yeah? Push a pomo feminist and a Marxist out of a window and you will see exactly how socially constituted science is when they hit the ground at the same time. Just saying.

    9) It has bred a cottage industry of bullcrap, but at least it’s bullcrap with its own jargon, establishing an in- and out-group of initiates and “others” (heheh).

    10) It is rooted in the antiauthoritarianism of the 1960s, but it seems to be a robbed of any object/authority against which to rebel. Now it’s gainsaying without worrying about resposibility.

    11) There might be something to the enterprise if the pomos admitted (and i put deconstruction as a philosophical/ “theoretical in the quotidian, not scientific sense” subcategory of pomo) that they were producing art, worthless strings of gramatically correct but meaningless sentences that nobody would ever want to read–hey, maybe that why they think there is no meaning….they are reading each other’s horrid meaningless twaddle!

    18) Bell Hooks, who spells her name bell hooks, is a pretentious shithead for that reason. (REAL BRAVE, BELL, REBELLING AGAINST THOSE BIG SCARY OPRRESSIVE CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH ARE SOOOOOOO OPPRESSIVE! You are a lower case moron.)

    pegleghippie (Hey! You’re not bell hooks are you?!?!) Please do not feel afraid to call the Emperor naked. And to point out his most diminuitive wedding tackle. If it doesn’t make sense, say so. If it can’t be described, then the shit ain’t real and ain’t worth your time.

    Merry Christmas, holy shit, where’s the Tylenol.


  5. I was waiting for you to do this, hehe…

    I’ll be back with more later.

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