So this is SGA Office Hours

by pegleghippie

So I’m in the SGA office, and I’m alone.  Oh one other person is running in and out, setting up a big event for the day, but he’s too busy for it to count.  Do I want to do productive student government work?  What would I do?  I don’t have any concrete ideas that I could get rolling in time for next week’s meeting, not without some help anyway.  I should’ve brought the book for my 2:30 class.

A lot of people just get on facebook when they do their office hours, but I’m not in the mood.  I should back up.  I’m in the student government at my school, and we have mandatory office hours, ostensibly so things get done around here.  It doesn’t always work out.  Speaking of which, I’ve been showing up from 10-11 every Tuesday since I signed up for that time, why am I on the schedule for 3:30-4:30 on Mondays?  Come to think of it, the schedule has had me listed as a different time every week.  Maybe instead of blaming our Chief of Staff for slinging me around, I should de-confuse her.  That would be the mature thing to do anyway.

Oh, also fun note!  The President of SGA sometimes reads this blog, so if you’re reading this, Hey Mr. President!  Don’t worry, I’ll protect your anonymity and mine.  And everyone else, don’t worry, he’s cool; he won’t get on me for blogging in the office.  Hey at least I’m not on “teh facebook.”

Don’t get the wrong impression though, SGA is pretty productive, and increasingly so.  We’ve been doing voter registration, reforming campus security, improving the food, and just yesterday, we decided to help a student raise money for leukemia research and give an official voice to students hearing appeals on parking violations (damn those zealotry ticketers).

Why can’t I write 300+ words in 15 minutes when it’s important?  Anyway, sorry if you read through my office-stream-of-consciousness there expecting something meaningful.  I’ll be back later.

6 Responses

  1. What is SGA?

  2. Student Government Association. I should have made that more obvious.

  3. Do you take away people’s beer and stuff?

  4. god no! RA’s are in charge of policing their residents. We’re legislators, not enforcers. And even if we did take people’s beer, i’d be the cool one who turned a blind eye to that.

  5. lmao, I think this is the best use of office hours I’ve seen in a while… at least the most substantive. Thanks for the shout out buddy.

    Also, yeah we don’t take people beer, if pegleghippie has taken your beer, please send more beer to the SGA office and I’ll handle it…

  6. Thank God. I still believe in you, PLH.

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