Haven’t been writing, haven’t been passing.

I need your help, world. I need your advice. I won’t excuse my failures this semester with poor class choice, but let me outline my class schedule for you.

Music History – Early Music to 1750. (Hardest undergraduate music class offered at the school, whopping 22% pass rate.)
World Literature – Ancient Literature to Renaissance (Blended class, half online, which you think would be a boon for me but more often than not I just forget to check for my online assignments.)
Piano – (I suck at Piano.)
Cello Lessons – (Grade for this class is based on ‘jury’ performance, or a performing final, and I did miserably in front of the most intimidating music faculty I’ve ever encountered.)
Chamber Music – (I got an A! Bahaha.)
Orchestra – (I think I’ll have an A… if I turn in those concert reports.)

I failed Music History, World Literature, and Piano, got a C in cello lessons because of that god-awful jury.

Where do I go from here? I need to speak to my counselor (I guess that means I should figure out who my counselor is) to find out if I can even stay in the school!

But I need your help. I don’t know how to develop a work ethic.  I don’t know how to get off the computer, get off my girlfriend, and do my work,  to study and pass these tests, and most importantly to GO TO CLASS!

What can I do, really? I’ve never had a work ethic. But this next semester, on top of getting a job, I have to increase my practice time from the maybe 10 hours a week I had last semester to 30 hours a week. And on top of that get my work done and pass all my classes. God, wouldn’t it be fantastic if I got straight A’s?

So what are your techniques for focus, for getting thing done?

5 Responses

  1. Well what I do is I sit down, agree to hate myself and be miserable, and then do whatever it is that I have to do. Fun times are for forgetting the self-loathing.

  2. buy a planner, plan your days down to a tee, and live by it. planner = god.

    i’m going to die in piano.

  3. Consider downloading a parental control thing to limit yourself to a few hours on the computer a day, and maybe block specific sites that take up a lot of your time. i don’t want to know what they are. surround yourself with successful people, that’s probably the most important. make friends and exchange info with people in your classes, especially people that have been in school longer than you have. You will not flunk out of school just yet, you will probably be on academic probation. Give yourself a reason to go to class: to learn, not just get the grade. If you don’t give yourself a reason, you won’t do it. don’t sign up for 3000 level classes your first semester, or first year. aren’t you supposed to take MUMH 1600 before the 3000 level MUMH classes anyway? Anyway, I find that pass rate hard to believe, but that is a difficult class. The impression you give your professors is very important. They write letters of recommendation, and nominate you for scholarships and other opportunities. I can’t think of a better reason to go to class. I have gotten a scholarships because I have made a good impression on a single professor. Remember the connections and reputation you leave school with will define who you are more than your grades. but if you don’t pass you will never leave, and that gets expensive. Your first year, it’s very important to live in the dorms to make those connections and be close to campus. Your first year, you make the friends you will have for the rest of college, and also for life. I was very surprised you told me you live in an apartment, one thats very far away too. Consider spending next year in a dorm, even next semester. (I think it would be worth it to break the lease and do that) If you are having trouble in your classes, talk to your professors. If you make an honest attempt in the class, (show up) they will do almost anything to help you. If you don’t make an effort, they won’t help you at all. This is one of the main differences between HS and college. Just try to be more active around campus and stuff. Join a club that’s not related to music, and try to gain a leadership role in that club or some other campus organization. This is about all the advice i care to type up right now. My number is on facebook if you have any more questions and want to call me. cool background. did you write it?

  4. Well, I’ve been having some of the same problems as you…although I am accompanied by tiredness frequently. For me, two of the biggest things I can do next semester is GO TO SLEEP AND GET UP. I’m setting my curfew to 12, preferably before 12 though. Then I can get up and get ready for the day. The second biggest thing is I’m planning to work out every day. Since I’ll be going to sleep, I won’t be too tired to work out. Working out makes me feel better and helps me concentrate more.
    I’d say try to finish as much homework in the afternoon after you get out of class as you can. The advice given earlier– “buy a planner, plan your days down to a tee, and live by it. planner = god.” I’d say that’s pretty good, I work well when I write down everything I have to do.
    I really want to give myself the rule of “no email/instant messenger/facebook” after 10 pm. I think that will help me a lot as I wind down for bed.

  5. I dont’ remember going to sleep before 3 or 4 o clock last semester… that’s definitely going to change.

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