Socialism as a Biological Imperative.

There’s going to be a leap of logic in this post, comment here if you find it.

Let’s firstly define evolution. Evolution is a genetic change that would benefit the species as a whole. This occurs at least partly through natural selection. Natural selection, or at least my applicable comprehension of it, is the funny euphemism, ‘Survival of the Night,’ or that when the unchanged genetic members of the species fail and the changed genetic members succeed, the changed will eventually wholly replace the unchanged. This advancement of a species prevents extinction and asserts supremacy over other members of competing species.

For example, when crop-threatening insects are sprayed with pesticides, they are overwhelmingly killed. Some lucky few had an inherent resistance to the pesticide, and therefore survived. The next generation of insect has the gene since there were no non-resistant insects to breed with. The further generations will have this gene as well until a new pesticide is developed by our water-destroying corporate dictators with a mind for profit and nothing else, despite it’s violent destruction of our environment. Phew!

Comprende? This is child’s play compared to what Pegleghippie comes up with on a regular basis.

Now Pegleghippie will tell me that socialism isn’t the right term here. I use socialism because it came up a lot in the recent election and the people will understand it by the false moniker, ‘spreading the wealth around.’ (This is the only way John McCain has ever helped me; by providing me an example with which to explain socialism. Irony.) However, true socialism repudiates the very idea of property, that nobody should own anything, and thus property cannot be traded. This means that under socialism, the wealth can’t be spread around because personal wealth doesn’t exist. Instead we’ll use the term, welfare capitalism.

Welfare capitalism would be the same economic system we have now, but would include government work programs, progressive tax rates, and basically it’ll equalize the major gap between the upper class and the lower class. It is, as Pegleghippie describes, “a direct investment in the people’s well-being.” The education and health care systems are priority, so that all people have an equal chance to be productive members of society.

In our present society we have an underdeveloped and under educated lower class. Our disproportionately distributed wealth contributes to a poverty level that is simply unacceptable in today’s western world. We’ve all seen the shocking statistics about what small percentage owns such a huge amount of the wealth. That translates directly into lower graduation rates in a huge cross section of the american demographic. From the under-funded mega-urban areas of Washington D.C. and various metroplexes across the nation to under-funded rural towns, the quality of education is severely lacking for the wealthiest nation in the world. If we implemented welfare capitalism and brought our education and health care levels up to even par for the course, more of our lower class brains would have the opportunity to grow.

And when more brains grow, statistically, the more opportunities exist for ground breaking innovation. It’s just numbers. The more time you roll the dices, the more times you’ll score a Yahtzee! So under our current system, where such a small swath of the people are actually reaching their potential, we have less chances for bettering human kind with progress.

Let’s tie that into our biological imperative. Our world is shrinking, our population is growing, our natural resources are limited. We’ve shown no ability to conserve such things as water or natural gas. Mathematically, our chances for sustaining this rate of growth on this planet are slim to none. Nivair Gabriel over at io9 knows that we currently are incapable of interstellar travel. So, we need serious scientific advances in either conservation and creation of new sources of food and energy, or we need to colonize space.

Do you think that’s possible if we’re only using even (a gracious) 10% of our world’s minds? I don’t have faith in them. I want all of our minds to good use, and that’s why I believe that Welfare Capitalism, or what it’s opponents call socialism, is a biological imperative for human kind.

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