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Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine!
May 25, 2008



Give us back the Fairness Doctrine!

Trust me, take the 9:16 and watch that YouTube video. I haven’t watched something so informative since the beginning of this campaign. I don’t know who this guy is or where he comes from, but he speaks a truth that I know Pegleghippie will agree with me, as it’s something the two of us are discussing all the time.

The media is there to make money; they are just a business! This is why we’re getting half-truths for news, we’re getting sellable information.

And our talk news, our Fox News and CNN Talk news, these broadcasts are completely right-wing!

All of this is explained in the video, so please watch this, rate it if you have a youtube account, but more importantly… Digg it!

I’m starting to understand the media.
May 14, 2008

I think I understand why the media wants Clinton to drop out… I mean, everyone knows why. They have nothing to write about, since this dragging on of the primary is completely predictable. We know what the numbers and results are going to be a week before the primary actually takes place. Analysts talk about the results and pundits make predictions and none of America is surprised. This is why the media wants Clinton to drop out.

And for once, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE MEDIA. I have had nothing to write about. Everyone knows what’s going on long before I get to hear about it, or have time to write about it. I guess I’m not supposed to be relaying news… I’m supposed to be relaying opinions. But still… what opinions can you have on predictable statistics? (Cue Pegleghippie writing a long comment about opinions on statistics…)

Everyone knows Mr. Obama’s won the nomination, and needs to start campaigning for the Presidency. That’s what the news media is hungry for, and me too… I need inspiration.

EDIT: WOW. As I’m writing this post, Clinton gives a good interview. On Cnn’s ‘The Situation Room’, she maintained her position on staying IN the race. (Bad.) But she also said that she would work hard for Obama if he were to win, and that her voters would be ‘in error’ to vote for McCain over Obama.

Mm, tasty. Finally, the innards of the big oily machine are going to come crashing down the GOP.

April 27, 2008

by pegleghippie

FUCK advertisements.

I’ve hated ads for as long as I can remember.  When I was little and I refused to wear the same clothing brands that I saw my schoolmates wearing.  I still do this actually, only instead of avoiding “Bugle Boy” I avoid “abercrombe and Fitch.”  Anyway, back to when I was young:  popular brands were evil, I thought things had to be slightly obscure to be of quality.  Maybe it was some sense of superiority that I derived from being different, or maybe my intuition really was way ahead of the curve.  Either way, avoiding the popular has proven a winning strategy.  

The reason that advertising is an awful, dreadful thing, is because making decisions based on ads is no way to make a decision.  It’s a way to act but not think.  Going along with what is marketed towards our particular ‘focus group’ is to live as a drone, or a slave.  Sure, you’re ‘free’ to decide things for yourself, but without any reflection then freedom merely makes your wallet an easy target for some corporation’s bottom line.  

My roommate asked me (read: forced me) to take this survey about cereal.  I think he’s comparing what cereals adults eat and what the corresponding sugar level is.  So the question was, which of these cereals are ‘adult’ cereals.  I asked if he wanted me to mark the ones that I like to eat, and he said no, mark the ‘adult’ ones.  “But I’m an adult!” I objected.  That’s not enough, which cereals sound adult.  

What he meant, of course, was which cereals are marketed towards adults.  I thought, “you don’t need me to fill out a survey for that.  Look it up!”  Since I’ve spent my life daydreaming whenever an ad comes on, it took me 30 minutes to finish the damn survey.  All I did was pick the ones with plain-sounding names, cause I think that’s what the advertisers want:  kids need creativity and fun, but adults need to be responsible and healthy.  It was complete bullshit, trying to get into some anonymous marketer’s head, and I would have been just as honest if I had simply checked off every 5th name.  This was torturous to go through.

My roommate’s not a real marketer though.  A real marketer would have asked people of different age groups what cereal they liked, and why.  Then he/she would have compared.  In that situation, of course, I would lie my ass off, because bad data means bad ads, and bad ads make people take notice, and, for one brief second, think about what they see.  They stop taking orders, if only for a moment.  And that’s what we really need: to stop taking orders and fucking make this world for ourselves.

(((((((Side note)))))))) The above clip is the late great Bill Hicks.  I got his Sane Man DVD today, and something else he said relates to my final point.  he said, All those people who made the borders and countries and rules and restrictions that hold us back: They’re dead!  Go out and make you’re own fucking world. 

Nancy Grace is a Loud and Annoying Hack.
April 19, 2008

I get so tired of hearing Nancy Grace’s voice on CNN. She is constantly screaming at people that disagree with her, cutting people off, asserting her usually ignorant, opinionated, subjective ideas over the air while the people who were invited to share their points of view would just sit and listen to her banshee screams.

In what world is this woman qualified to give us the news? She has actually pushed people to kill themselves after interviews on her show. She ignores her interviewees, if she thinks her opinion is of higher quality.

How, in the name of the gods, is this woman qualified to give us news? Back when she was a prosecuting lawyer in criminal cases, she was repeatedly defeated, not by evidence and testimony, but by her own misconduct in the trial. She actually participated in illegal activities, such as soliciting false testimonies, abusing the subpoena process, and most importantly, subverting the constitutional rights of the accused. She so strongly believes that anyone who has been accused of anything is wholly, completely, and inarguable guilty of every possible charge levelled among them, that she’ll dismiss facts, polygraph tests, DNA tests, testimonies, you name it, simply to take the vanguard of the victim. Source: Still Striking Foul Blows: A Review of Nancy Grace’s Book, Objection!

Never mind, that she’s continually and in-arguably wrong.

Even about her fiance’s murder.

That’s right, her fiance was murdered, and she made up facts to push her career forward.  Source: New York Observer. She of course, defend it by saying, “[I made those statements] with the knowledge I had.” What knowledge, Nancy? What knowledge do you have? Cause whatever knowledge you have has apparently been missed by our entire justice system.

Please, for the sake of our general integrity, take this screaming wench off the air.


Obama Says “21 Debates Quite Enough.”
April 18, 2008

After the 21st debate of the campaign, Barack Obama has stated he doubts whether he’ll continue debating with Demo-public nominee Hillary Clinton and Bush Dynasty Heir John McCain.

He says, “I’ll be honest with you, we’ve now had 21. It’s not as if we don’t know how to do these things. I could deliver Sen. Clinton’s lines; she could, I’m sure, deliver mine.”

I’m sure the McHillary duo would be thrilled to continue with the debates. They tag-team on the things that Obama accurately calls trivial; Common Washington jabs about unimportant misspeaks, and politicking.

“Last night, we set a new record, because it took us 45 minutes before we even started talking — until we started talking about a single issue that matters to the American people,” he said.

Most political aficionados would say that this was just an excuse for a poor performance in the debate. Poor performance derived from the ruthless line-crossing double team by Hillary and McCain. Poor performance derived from Obama’s two controversial issues on the campaign trail. (Do we need to count Clinton’s? I mean really, they number in the high 20s.)

But isn’t this what the American people REALLY WANT? A politician who pays less attention to the ‘gotcha’s’ of Washington politics and more attention to the issues at hand?

Thank you for honesty, Obama. I hope you do focus on the campaign, and win the nomination so I can cast my vote for the first American President.