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Saddam Bin Laden; or, the Iraq Witch Trials.
July 25, 2008

December 29th, 1992. Osama Bin Laden performs his first terrorist attack with American citizens as his target. A bomb at a hotel in Yemen. The US soldiers survived, but two Austrian tourists are killed.

February 26, 1993. The first World Trade Center bombing. Osama Bin Laden is vaguely linked, but never directly.

October 12th, 2000. The USS Cole is the target of a suicide bombing, Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda is directly linked.

March 3rd, 2003. George W. Bush declares war.

On Saddam Hussein.

This war was entirely based on fear. It was justified and sponsored by fear. It was fueled and funded by fear. The Americans, after September 11th, were petrified of terrorists. New bomb threats. Planes being grounded. Anthrax in envelopes. Pipe bombs and Jihads and poisoned drinking water.

So what do Americans do when they are afraid of something they can’t put a name to?

The same thing they did in the history of the nation. We recreate the Salem Witch Trials in a more comfortable fashion, where it’s some other nation’s citizens who are the accused. We can’t figure out why the cows are dying and the weather’s bad and Darla’s baby was borne still. So while Osama bin Laden is missing in the mountains of Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein is in a place we can target, it’s in a place we can pinpoint with terrifying accuracy.

So we bomb Baghdad. Such a great name for a place to bomb, isn’t it? It just sounds like the sorta place we like to blow up. (Sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell.)

Why did we knock off Saddam Hussein? We did it to appease the bloodthirst for bin Laden. Congratulations America. You’re responsibility for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people. Directly responsible. No minor affiliation. The supporters of this war, the supporters of the Bush administration, the supporters of the Republican party, have committed the war crime.

The Longest Summer
July 17, 2008

This summer has been hard. I don’t mean to complain, even though I’m directly complaining. Boo, meaningless introductory paragraphs with no content and failed attempts at funny. Contradicting your own contradictions – check.

So let’s imagine that that last paragraph didn’t happen, lest our brains explode in circular fashion. And jump straight to the point. The summer started on a note. I won’t call it a high note or a low note because I can’t decide which of the two that it is. It’s the end of my second year of college. It’s also my last semester at my current school, which is exciting – going to a new college in a new city is exciting! – but it’s also rather unhappy. I’m parting on bad terms with this college, forsaking connections that my career field demands. I am in a profession that requires you to know peopl eand for people to know you. That’s why it’s unfortunate that I had a big falling-out with my former cello professor who happens to be the sister of the head of the string department who by chance happened to go to Juilliard and Eastman.

Fuck me, that’s a lot to lose in one blow. But, alas, it’s for the best. I wasn’t happy at this school, I was certainly not happy in Conservative-town, USA. The Bible Belt of the nation is not so easily digested by someone with such a fickle stomach for ideologies as my own. I hate religion. I wish it would all go away. It’s founded on experience and reason, but the emotion is as visceral as it gets. But in any case, I’m getting out of Christianville, Texas and moving to Dallas, TX. Attending a more liberal school with a great music program and a bigger city for better things to do.

So, yes, the summer started on a note.

I set some goals for myself over the summer. I wanted to buy a new car. I really needed to, as my 13 year old Buick Riviera which was falling apart slowly and got nearer to 15 mpg every day, wouldn’t quite cut it in the big city. Not to mention it’s an enormous beast of a car, and I will be much happier in my smaller car.

Now, setting goals to buy things means your process involves making money. That’s where the hospital comes in. The hospital’s a nice enough place to work. Much nicer than, say, a restaurant. Slower paced, for the most part, although it has it’s intense moments. But watching people die slowly isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It isn’t the cup of tea for any normal human being. That’s why nurses and doctor’s are so fucking crazy. Trust me, you’d be crazy too.

So I’m working overtime, I had about 5 days off, literally, in the month of June and July. That includes weekends. I didn’t get weekends off, actually… weekend after next will be my first since the summer started. Between 50 and 60 hours a week. That’s not awful, and alot of people would deck me for complaining about such a work load when they are struggling to get enough hours to put food on the table for families of 9.

Well, guess what folks, I’m not that person. I made better choices than that. I didn’t put myself in that situation. (And if you have 7 children, trust me, you could have stopped fucking at any time and been just dandy.) Alas, 60 hours a week is hard on a poor college student who doesn’t have much in the way of work ethic. And at eight bucks an hour, it’s that much harder to swallow.

Exhaustion starts setting in about the beginning of July, and I slowly start losing my mind completely. I stay up way too late and wake up way too early and I start seeing bloody knives at the edge of my vision and voices telling me that dying people need to die faster and … no, I’m kidding.


This article’s getting long enough, so I’ll summarize. I need to get together 2 grand for a down payment, which ironically turns out to be the ENTIRE MONTHS OF MAY JUNE AND MOST OF JULY OF OVERTIME TO MAKE WHEN YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT MY EXPENSES GRAAAHHHH DAMNIT I’M SO TIRED. pardon. Needed to let that out. Taxes are a bitch, living expenses are a bitch, especially with a bum roommate. (Roommate, if you’re reading this, no offense, but you’re a financial stress.) I’m short between one and two hundred dollars on my roomie’s portion of the rent and bills this month, so that cuts into my down payment savings and so I’m struggling to stay afloat of a hard-fought battle towards this goal.

Did I mention my girlfriend’s gone all summer? That’s a bitch too. Deserves more mention than this tiny little paragraph but my current stress has all-to-do with money.

I finally have enough for the down payment, even though I’m cutting it back to fifteen-hundred instead of two-thousand. Oh well, it’s still well-financed. In case you were wondering, I’m getting an ’08 Ford Focus. Feel free to comment but any anti-Ford bullshit will be met with the most severe and unwavering apathy. (Love contradiction.) And then my parents, who are my cosigners and are necessary for me to make the decision and sign the paperwork, start blowing me off. Poker is more important and doctor’s visits they ‘forgot they had’ start appearing right around the time I’m ready to commit to financial disaster.

I also forgot to mention that I calculated my debt after my 4.5 year undergraduate degree: $66,000. That’s right, sixty-six thousand dollars. Yeah, Fuck America. (Financial stress…… compounds like the most filthy bloody interest rates.)

And the roommate bums, the parents blow me off, the girlfriend’s gone, and then my BACK starts killing me cause I’m overweight and undermuscled. God it hurts. Right now, I’m hunched over in pain because it hurts like a bitch. And while I’m writing this my nose starts bleeding like the Fountain of Pure Hatred and Murphy’s Law Reincarnate.

But hey, I’m probably gonna have a new car tomorrow. Pics incoming! Hah. Silly contradicting conclusions.

The Wisdom of Ben Franklin
July 6, 2008

“Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Original Quote, Notes for a Proposition at the Pennsylvania Assembly

In the spirit of Independence day, as more and more conservative Americans are happy to sacrifice liberty for security, I quote one of the wisest of our founding fathers. A man so full of patriotism, a man with viscera of red, white, and blue, brings us this golden nugget of political advice. NEVER allow such a thing like the Patriot Act to pass. NEVER allow the telecommunications immunity bill to safeguard domestic invasion. Gawrsh, folks, what have we brought upon ourselves?


The Futility of Political Blogging.
June 25, 2008

Preaching to the choir. That’s the problem. I’m gonna come out and say it, no introductory story, no clever phrases and such. Our problem is we’re preaching to the choir. We’re reading the Bible to Jesus. Telling Thomas Jefferson about the Declaration of Independence. You get the point.


Black Gold: Why Offshore Drilling is Bravado
June 23, 2008

Written by Mekhami and Addendum by Pegleghippie; crossposted to My Left Wing

I was working at my favorite West Texas hospital today, and a wealthy property owner came in for his daily treatment. Well into his 70’s, this gentleman and I always had a good conversation and a good laugh while I checked him and prepped him for the treatment room.  He told me about the 10.4 million dollar property he’s been dying to sell, and how he hasn’t gotten any real offers yet. Eventually the topic, given my politivangelistic© nature, turned to offshore drilling, and the energy crisis. We sparred semantics for a few minutes before getting to the nitty gritty about it. He’s a Republican (one of very few vices on the man) and so naturally, he’s for offshore drilling.


The Many Wives of McCain.
June 13, 2008

Firstly, I’d like to say, Rest in Peace, Tim Russert. One of the nephilim of the journalists today, your presence in today’s ever depreciating Main-Stream Media will be sorely missed.

Onto today’s topic.

You’ve probably heard of this blonde ‘bombshell.’ Cindy McCain, John McCain’s second wife. America’s presumptive Republican Nominee holds to his highest value here; family. His family consists of this dear lady, who stole drugs from a charity organization for the suit of her personal addiction.

She became addicted after a surgical procedure, citing ‘chronic pain’ and stress from her husband’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal.

Let’s stop here and tell you, this is not fictional smearing. This is documented truth.

From 1989 to 1992 Cindy ‘Stealing-Drugs-From-A-Nonprofit-Charity-Is-Easy-As-Pie’ McCain was addicted to several drugs. Don’t mention the fact that she was never tried for her addiction, or you’ll get me started on a rant.

The rant would be about how John McCain pulled political favors to stop the trial, to put this woman above the law. Go McCain! A real family man, always looking out for the young blondes.

This woman, much closer to John McCain in age, has a very interesting story. Carol Shepp began her life as a breakout model, a very attractive woman with a big career ahead of her.

But when John McCain was in Vietnam, the ‘POW’ of the Vietnamese, while he purportedly was selling American information for favors from the Viet Cong…

Carol suffered a major car crash. She was instantly disfigured; four inches shorter, broken both legs giving her a gimp walk. She had gained a lot of weight from not being able to move during most of the surgery.

Needless to say, when McCain came back from Vietnam, he was not greeted by his stunning bride… instead by an older looking, less attractive women who made him feel old.

So, he called the Florida courts, had the marriage dissolved, kicked her to the curb and picked up a 25 year young cheerleader in Hawaii, who we now call Cindy McCain.

So it’s no wonder McCain wants us to ‘leave the wives alone.’ He has twice the material for the scrutiny, and good material at that. Michelle Obama has a flawless record of public service and a great mind. So of course McCain wants us to ‘respect the spouses.’ He doesn’t want his record under inspection. Too late, McCain. You, your campaign, and your part have already brought the wives into it, and I highly doubt you’ll be able to appease your way out of this one.

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine!
May 25, 2008



Give us back the Fairness Doctrine!

Trust me, take the 9:16 and watch that YouTube video. I haven’t watched something so informative since the beginning of this campaign. I don’t know who this guy is or where he comes from, but he speaks a truth that I know Pegleghippie will agree with me, as it’s something the two of us are discussing all the time.

The media is there to make money; they are just a business! This is why we’re getting half-truths for news, we’re getting sellable information.

And our talk news, our Fox News and CNN Talk news, these broadcasts are completely right-wing!

All of this is explained in the video, so please watch this, rate it if you have a youtube account, but more importantly… Digg it!

McCain in Good Health (Reporters checkmate doctors.)
May 23, 2008

I just got done listening in on a teleconference involving McCain’s dermatologist, the surgeon who performed the skin cancer removal on his left temple, the CEO of the hospital he went to, and several others. I wasn’t able to ask questions but several reporters were able to.

In the beginning of the teleconference, they said he has 4 malignant melanoma’s. One invasive (meaning deep, and touching stuff) which was on his temple (which by the way is near the brain) and three non-invasive (on the shoulder, arm, and nasal wall.) All were removed, with no sign of reoccurrence.

However, later in the conference, a reporter asked about something they saw on his medical records… One of the ‘non-invasive’ melanomas, the one on his shoulder… was actually invasive! The doctors all got dumb, speechless. ‘Have no information’, you know the drill.

Reporters check-mating doctors makes me chuckle.

Apparently he’s also in great heart health, doing well on stress tests.

Unless another reporter points out the mild hypertension and blood sugar ‘anomalies.’ Which will be further mitigated by the fact that he’s taking medication for his 4 kidney stones, 4 bladder stones… because this medication (Couldn’t catch the spelling of the name over the voice) exacerbates hypertension.

Whoo boy. Father died of stroke and he has signs of heart problems, and he’ll be 72 and our oldest president. Whoo boy.

Now I’m not really all that worried about his health. I’m more worried about the discrepencies by his medical records and doctors, this lack of communication. Whatever, he’s healthy, yay, he’s okay to be a candidate.


His policy views still suck. No more Bush, folks. Vote Obama ’08.

Wind Power, Solar Power
May 20, 2008

Wind Turbine

The Department of Energy says we can provide a whopping 20% of our nation’s energy supply using wind power. This news comes both as a shock and a joy to me. A shock, because why aren’t we doing it yet?! and a joy because this means that this country can and will become a little bit greener.

For those of you who don’t have deductive reasoning skills, let me outline the benefits of wind power.

  1. It’s clean. After assembly, it doesn’t emit harmful gases or radiation, and the only damage they can cause is damage to themselves. If they fall down or something. Which, doesn’t happen.
  2. It’s renewable. Why? There will always be ample amounts of wind. It’s nature, folks.
  3. It’s cheap. Alot cheaper than constructing an oil refinery or nuclear power plant.

Nature’s been blowing wind at us at raging speeds here in Central Texas. We get winds of 40-60 mph on a very regular basis. We get used to tackling our car doors to get out, and closed building entrances due to high wind.

So, common sense dictates we utilize this! I mean there is no logic against it, the rationale is completely there. Where is the downfall?

Loss of profits to oil companies, I’d assume.

Call me a conspiracy theorist (I usually call Pegleghippie that, but he’s in the Switz right now so I can’t rightly say anything bad til he gets back) but something tells me that the lowered demand for fossil fuels is something the government, especially conservative republicans, would not want to see. Many presidents have invested interest in seeing gas prices go up. Naturally they can’t say that out loud, but when you consider the vast amounts of money we’d save by setting up wind farms across the ‘Wind Belt’ of the US (which stretches from Mid to West Texas all the way up to Canada), there’s got to be some higher-up hindering the process for money.

And imagine how much that’d lower our Carbon Footprint? Well, according to a study by the Irish ESB National Grid, about 15%. 15% folks. By 2015, we’ll save up to 1880 tonnes of Co2 emissions every year. Go ahead and try to conceptualize a ton of tonnes of co2. 2000 tonnes. Gawd.

BUT STARTLING NEW DEVELOPMENT! Billionare Oilman Backs Wind Power! ( T. Boone Pickens, (What a beautifully rich southern oilman name) has invested time, effort, and money into developing just what I’m outlining here. Thank god for change. Or just thank Mr. Pickens. (Glorious name.)

G’night everybody.

May 18, 2008

50 year old male dies in the emergency room just 90 minutes before I arrived for my shift… I’m a simple admissions representative, not a doctor or a nurse. All I know is how to read an insurance card, and what information to gather. People come to my desk expecting a vast well of medical knowledge… when I ask, “Accident or illness?” I get life stories. I get medical history dating back to the 50’s and their childhood asthma. I nod and pretend I’m typing it all down, to give the illusion of experience and wisdom… maybe they find that comforting.

In reality though, I’m a college musician with no desire to work in the medical field. This is a part-time job paying the big bucks at 7.50 an hour, over 8 hour shifts of sitting at a desk. (Without internet access, I might add… this is a travesty.) Some times I feel like I deserve to be paid more. Who doesn’t, really, but I get death threats. I see gang members coming in to try and finish the job. I get insults and yelling fits and crying fits and vomit and blood and viscera at my desk.

Take that all in stride with a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and be sure to replace your pens every half hour.

When I started here, I got shingles. Shingles for Christ’s sake. For those of you who don’t know what Shingles are, it’s Chicken Pox, the sequel. Herpes Zostra is the medical term for it. Big outbreaks of the most awful sores, which, at the peak of the virus, open and bleed and are so damn painful. Makes wearing clothes an arduous task.

Did I mention a man died today, at just 50 years old, not more than 20 yards behind me?

But here I am, focusing on me.

That’s the desensitization I’m talking about. People, relatively young, die here every day. Minors with drug overdoses, gunshot wounds, people that trip and hit their head outside of church, alcohol poisoning. Death, all around me. Death and dying. I guess they are outside of my Monkeysphere, or something, cause I haven’t given any of them a second thought. Other than to shock my friends with my depressing job.

So, stay cold, mocha Frappuccino. I need my caffeine fix this early in the morning. Keeps me awake to observe the beginning of the end.

Note to my supervisor: Give me a raise. I think I earn it.