The Divisive Power of Religion
November 5, 2008

Or, why I hate Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (Not so much on the Muslims. They keep pretty well to themselves.) (Or the Jews really. I just hate Christians.)

This election has brought out the worst of the religious fiends. Obama is not the anti-Christ. But they’ll have you believe he is! Massive numbers of Facebook statuses out there today with hateful messages like, “I can’t believe we elected a President who doesn’t believe this is a Christian nation.” Newsflash! America is much more than a Christian nation. It’s a Christian nation and a Jewish nation and a Muslim nation and an atheist nation and a gay nation and straight nation and yes, you’ve heard Obama’s 2004 convention speech before.

Somehow, though, the religious fundamentalists will still turn such a progressive and ground breaking election into a spectacle of hate. Mongering about anti-Christs and Christian Nations prompted me to start some arguments with them about how wrong they are. Needless to say, their first proposition was woefully unprepared, as they had nothing to say to back up the point that he was indeed the opposite of their lord god. (caps intended.)

And when confronted about the Christian Nation part? I bluntly told them that they do not live in a Christian nation, and repeated the Obamamantra from a paragraph ago. (About the multi-ethnic melting pot that is this cesspool of hatred and intolerance we call America.) A majority of them, here in the deep south of Texas, actually responded with this.

“Yeah, so we bring them to Christ!”


It’s not your job to convert us lowly heathens. We’ve made our choices. You’ve made yours. Stop converting people. If they want it, they’ll let you know.


Pun intended.

I mean, what force has been more destructive than the Christian religion? The Crusades, the Biblical Genocides, the Spanish Inquisition, even the Holocaust (by association) were perpetrated by these almighty vicars of faith and good will. Catholic Pedophiles and Evangelist Money Launderers. Ugh. I’m so disgusted.

Atheists are the real angels. Tolerant to the extreme. God is dead, save yourselves.

fucking facebook
June 17, 2008

by pegleghippie

I avoided facebook for years, out of a desire to not make an exhibitionist out of myself.  Switzerland changed all that, since i wanted to steal pictures.

Now that I have a facebook, I think there may have been a secondary reason for my avoidance.  I didn’t want to think about how religious everyone was.  I mean most religious folks aren’t usually that devout, but facebook doesn’t distinguish.  On the little religious blank, you either are (one of millions of different options) or you aren’t.  I proudly wrote in “atheist” on the little line, but didn’t give it too much thought.  I imagine most of my friends didn’t give it much thought either when they wrote in some derivative of “christian.”  

But once again, all I see is “christian,” and I usually think, “for shatner’s sake, another one?”  So facebook’s binary nature is encouraging my own prejudices, and I end up judging people as fundies when they’re really moderates or apathetics.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like thinking less of my friends because of the set up of a stupid social networking site. 

Of course some people avoid the issue all together.  My best friend simply never filled in the religious blank, and although it’s been years since we’ve talked about religion, I know where he stands and he knows where I stand (I assume).  It’s just not an issue between us, and on things that are issues between us, we usually have interesting conversations.  We win either way, is what I’m saying.  

But with most friends and facebook, I lose.  I lose respect for people that I liked enough to call “friends,” over the stupidest of electronic forms that they filled out.  I know its mostly a matter of prejudice with myself, but facebook isn’t helping anything by focusing attention on the issue.

It would be different if people started questioning me.  “Why are you an atheist?” “Don’t you believe in god, or at least mean agnostic?”  But I don’t get those questions.  Everyone just accepts me and moves on (once again, I assume), but for some reason, I can’t reciprocate in kind.  It’s an annoying prejudice of mine, and one that I wish I knew how to overcome.  Now that I see that religious spot on everyone’s facebook page, I have to wonder, was I really avoiding facebook because I wanted to avoid exhibitionism?  Or was I avoiding facing the differences in people that bother me?