The New “New Deal”
December 6, 2008

by pegleghippie

I’d prefer the “Millennial Deal,” or “Democratic Deal,” or basically anything with a more historically-appropriate name than the elusive word “new,” but everyone you and I know are going to call this the new new deal, so i’ll just go with it for now.

What I’m talking about is this:

Obama says that he will implement a  massive public works program to fully modernize our nation’s infrastructure, both to create jobs and to become environmentally friendly.  

On top of that, there’s talk of the total spending of this depression reaching a staggering 8.5 trillion dollars.  That’s just mind boggling, but it’s also big enough to really get things moving again.  I’ll let Paul Krugman explain why this is a good idea.

So basically I’m really really fucking impressed.  Obama is doing what progressives have been saying needs to be done.  He isn’t playing politics, or “triangulating,” as the Clintons called it.  Sure we can complain that his cabinet is “too beltway,” but that’s a pretty minor complaint considering that he seems to be acting like a better-informed FDR.  In fact, that’s the only complaint that us lefties seem to have.

 Shortly before the election (and before the financial meltdown), I wrote that, based on where our country was, there was nothing significant that Obama had proposed that I myself wouldn’t do.  It turns out that my assessment was more true than I thought, because I wasn’t expecting this crisis, or this type of direction out of the crisis.  A new New Deal is what we’ve been waiting for, and, amazingly, it seems that that’s what we’re getting. 

Just goes to show, absolutely anything is possible in politics, so dream big.

November 4, 2008

I don’t know that there’s anything else to say right now. Yes. The man that needed to be president is finally going to be. The man we need to take us into the 21st century. The man to bring together all the nations of the world and make it a community of social and economic process.

I don’t have much to write tonight, being a bit overwhelmed by a bunch of things.

But know, this is a night of elation. 

Just can’t wait for Obama’s speech.

November 4th is here. Will you be successful or guilty?
October 31, 2008

November 4th. I’ve been anticipating this day for almost 2 years. My man, my candidate, Barack Obama, is holding a significant lead and shows no signs of slowing. The electoral map swings heavily in his favor. He’s had one of the most efficient, effective, and mobile campaigns ever.

Why, then, do I feel so apprehensive?

Because we know it can be stolen. It’s happened before, in 2004. That’s why it requires a landslide victory this year.

So let’s assume we get our landslide victory. God save us if we don’t, so let’s keep hope alive for a bit longer. What happens? The democrats control the executive and legislative branches of government. Three supreme court justices positions should be opening soon, allowing for the easy nomination of acceptably liberal candidates. Perhaps then, we will see social progress and economic advancement, domestic and global.

What’s left to fear? The back-to-back victories of George W. Bush haunt our memories. I hear over and over on the airwaves that ‘The Republican brand may be irreparably damaged.’ Well, from my point of view that’s a wonderful thing. We need it to be damaged. We need them ruined. No more shall the hypocritical Christian right control our social agenda. We need the Republican party to stop existing.

Corruption abounds in their little circle-jerk of theft and retheft.  Deregulation led to a bailout which enriched the shrinking number of party faithful. My mind brings up V for Vendetta, the well-timed and underestimated comic book style movie which highlighted so well this dictatotorial regime. In the end, the entire party was destroyed in the symbolic demolition of the British Parliament.

Put Barack Obama in the White House. Don’t sit at home on November 4th. You must vote, no matter where you live. I live in Texas. This state will never be anything but Republican in the electoral college.

But that little teasing thought remains… what if we turned Texas blue? The Republicans are demoralized and democrats are mobilized. Maybe this year is the year all 50 states cry out for a new path. Get out there and vote… and vote straight ticket democratic. Let’s enable Barack Obama to put this country right. Let’s get his efficiency and intelligent to use.

Please go vote. I’m begging you. Take your friends with you. Carpool there. Get everyone. Do it, because if McCain wins, you will regret it. And in 40 years when your grandchildren ask you, “Did you vote for Barack Obama?” you’ll have the pride to stand up and say you did. Just like our grandparents voted for Kennedy. It’s time… don’t fail us now.

“B” to the “i” to the “d” “e” “n”
August 23, 2008

by pegleghippie

Obama is announcing it today.  Not the worse choice, although my hope-against-hope that it would be Kucinich is dead (can you think of a better assassination deterrent for right wingers than the thought of Kucinich as president?)  Biden is a smart guy, led the fight for stricter gun control in the 90s, and he heads the foreign relations committee.  He’s old as fuck though, at 65.  If Obama wins two terms, we may see Biden as the de facto nominee in 2016, at age 73, older than John McCain is now.

 And if he didn’t run then (and he really shouldn’t) then the country has to do the whole double-primary thing again. I just think it would be easier to have someone who could ride Obama’s momentum.  Then again Gore was supposed to ride Clinton momentum, and that didn’t go so well, so maybe this is more strategic.

It’s probably a good idea for Obama to have someone from the old school of democratic politics in his administration.  It’ll be a good balance for his stated goal of giving American politics an upgrade.  At the same time, I would rather have a VP who wholly reinforced the President’s vision, and saved the various dissenting views for lower cabinet positions.

During the run up to the primaries, Biden and Richardson were the only two dems that I liked less than Mrs. Clinton.  That was as a president though.  Somehow I’m not as put off by him as a VP.  We’ll see how it goes.

Oh and I read somewhere that Mccain was this close to picking Romney, then the house(s) scandal broke, and the McCain campaign was scared that announcing Romney would just reinforce the “out of touch rich white guys” perception.

The Many Wives of McCain.
June 13, 2008

Firstly, I’d like to say, Rest in Peace, Tim Russert. One of the nephilim of the journalists today, your presence in today’s ever depreciating Main-Stream Media will be sorely missed.

Onto today’s topic.

You’ve probably heard of this blonde ‘bombshell.’ Cindy McCain, John McCain’s second wife. America’s presumptive Republican Nominee holds to his highest value here; family. His family consists of this dear lady, who stole drugs from a charity organization for the suit of her personal addiction.

She became addicted after a surgical procedure, citing ‘chronic pain’ and stress from her husband’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal.

Let’s stop here and tell you, this is not fictional smearing. This is documented truth.

From 1989 to 1992 Cindy ‘Stealing-Drugs-From-A-Nonprofit-Charity-Is-Easy-As-Pie’ McCain was addicted to several drugs. Don’t mention the fact that she was never tried for her addiction, or you’ll get me started on a rant.

The rant would be about how John McCain pulled political favors to stop the trial, to put this woman above the law. Go McCain! A real family man, always looking out for the young blondes.

This woman, much closer to John McCain in age, has a very interesting story. Carol Shepp began her life as a breakout model, a very attractive woman with a big career ahead of her.

But when John McCain was in Vietnam, the ‘POW’ of the Vietnamese, while he purportedly was selling American information for favors from the Viet Cong…

Carol suffered a major car crash. She was instantly disfigured; four inches shorter, broken both legs giving her a gimp walk. She had gained a lot of weight from not being able to move during most of the surgery.

Needless to say, when McCain came back from Vietnam, he was not greeted by his stunning bride… instead by an older looking, less attractive women who made him feel old.

So, he called the Florida courts, had the marriage dissolved, kicked her to the curb and picked up a 25 year young cheerleader in Hawaii, who we now call Cindy McCain.

So it’s no wonder McCain wants us to ‘leave the wives alone.’ He has twice the material for the scrutiny, and good material at that. Michelle Obama has a flawless record of public service and a great mind. So of course McCain wants us to ‘respect the spouses.’ He doesn’t want his record under inspection. Too late, McCain. You, your campaign, and your part have already brought the wives into it, and I highly doubt you’ll be able to appease your way out of this one.

Where was my big Victory Post?
June 6, 2008

I didn’t forget to post about Obama’s nomination. After the announcement that he clinched the nomination, I actually went into a frenzie of happiness much like an acid trip, (never been there jk jk) and passed out from then til juuust now.

As you can obviously tell, I’m not serious. I just got back from Transfer orientation at UNT. Which was productive albeit boring and humiliating.

But for now, the man of the hour!

That man right there is going to put America back on track.  This is 1968 in 2008. This is the 40th anniversary of progression. This is hope, people. This is change.

What the critics are calling empty rhetoric is a vision. What they mock as inexperience is a new outlook. What they wish to keep from you is freedom, success, wealth, and happiness.

We’re on the path for Universal Healthcare. If he chooses Hillary Clinton as his VP, which may or may not be the best choice, you can guarantee something’s going to get done there. The promises were too big… if they didn’t pull through on that, they’d never be re-elected.

We’re on the path for a more democratic nation. Special interests and lobbyists are taking the backseat now. The American people are going to navigate and this man, this vision, this change, has the wheel. We ripped off the rear-view mirror folks.

McCain has no chance. We’re all tired of Republican government. I’d be surprised if it isn’t a landslide victory. We can’t be stopped this year, or next year. We the people, in order to form THE more perfect union, have chosen Barack Obama to guide or foreign policy. A friend to Iran, an enemy to subversive terror groups, but more importantly, a friend to all people wishing democracy.

The nation nearly collapsed under Bush’s presidency. Who knows what may happen before November. Who knows what last minute destruction he’s going to inflict, out of stubborn ignorance, misinformation, foolish foreign policy, and terrible economic decisions.

What I do know is that come November, the dollar’s going to get stronger. The stock market’s going to go up. Our economy will be a little stronger just knowing that someone, finally someone qualified, is in the position.

We need you to vote, people. It’s not okay to assume that someone else’s vote is gonna carry. But we have time, and I’ll be writing about the importance of you getting out there to vote. i’ll write about the importance of every person who wants to change, to take an hour off of work, to find someone to watch your kids, to turn off the television. I’ll give you instructions on registering to vote. I’ll personally assist anyone who wants help learning how to vote, from 18 year old first-time voters, to 50 year old citizens who’ve never voted in their life.

Go to and make a donation of 25 dollars. That’s an hour of work for our better off viewers, a lawn mowed by our younger readers, or a birthday present from Gramma Pat. Give Obama a fighting chance against McCain, who relies on 50,000 dollar checks from PAC’s and special interests. The DNC has agreed not to accept any money from PAC’s or special interests, and relies on the American People. Because this is your president.

It’s time to play the game. Let’s turn all those states.