Sheer Disbelief, losing faith.
August 31, 2008

It’s been a while, EE readers. I’ve had little to offer in an onslaught of life changes for me. Moving, new school, new car, new stuff. You know the drill. New roommate too, who’s also a chef and pretty epic guy.

More importantly, I’ve been reading. A lot of mainstream news unfortunately, but doing my best to catch up on the blogosphere as it whirls into a frenzy. So much tasty news, so little time.

Sarah Palin is the best news the DNC ever received. The Republicans are spinning it hard, just like they spun McCain winning the primaries. They put on their best face and say, “It was a brilliant choice, that Palin’s hard-hitting and experienced. I mean, after all, Russia is right next to Alaska. Foreign policy creds straight from da streetz, yo!”

Forgive me. I was actually in a Music History class when I got the text about the VP tap to this woman, and I started giggling like a little school girl. There goes McCain’s best stance. Inexperience? Hard to tack that on your opponent when you are tapping a first-term Governor with no domestic or foreign policy experience. Already lithe with scandal from her own government, after emotionally-charged firings happen in her office. And now, possibly a pregnant-teen, covered up by mom, lying to the world scandal. It’s like someone dropping a T-Bone steak on your plate. I drew some concerned looks when I giggled in class, though. I musta-looked crazy looking at my phone with the biggest grin on my face. There’s the Sheer Disbelief part of this article.

But this posturing of the GOP has me worried. They’re using everything for political gain, including Hurricane Gustav. Hats off to Ray Nugin or whatever that douchebag governor’s name is for getting his shit straight this time. But now the RNC’s being turned into a benefit telethon or something. At least that’s one of several possibilities. Talk about posturing. Does the weather have some lobbyists in the McCain camp or something? Perfect timing, it comes AFTER the DNC and BEFORE the RNC. Hurricane Gustav has got to be the best news the GOP has received since Florida had hanging chads.

And I think the American Sheeple are going to eat it up. I think McCain is going to try to capitalize on it. I wonder why Bush and Cheney aren’t going to attend this convention-turned-telethon. My faith in the American Sheeple and their ability to make sound judgements is gone. How do we keep the Pro-lifers, the dangerously despotic right-wing out of power?

The blogosphere needs to stay away from the machine. Publish everything, publish anything. Once we start restraining ourselves from posting something because we think there’s more political advantage in not saying it, we become no better than the politically-inclined Main-Stream Media of the United States of America.

I swear I’m gonna move to Switzerland.