McCain: Obama is a Terrorist Supporter.
April 21, 2008

Keep your hats on for this one folks, the GOP campaigners have hit a new low of mudslinging politics. Breaking news from the McCain camp; Hamas supports Obama! (I bet they are transferring him money through secret swiss bank accounts that he’s going to use to steal health insurance from the poor and stuffed animals from small children.)

Hamas stated in a public announcement, “We like Obama. He’s a nice guy.” That’s not verbatim, but it’s pretty damn close. Basically Hamas said that Obama has the right idea for America.

Hoooolyyyy shit. An Islamic fundamentalist group thinks that Obama’s got it going on. GOP hayday!

Or not? Perhaps this means… Obama… really is… a nice guy? NO WAY! Does he really… have the right idea for America? PREPOSTEROUS! I mean, God forbid someone outside of our precious 48 continental states actually thinks we have some morals. Or decency. Or humanity.

This all new low for the Republican party is disgusting. I can’t believe it hasn’t gotten headline controversy. I mean, this ranks up there with the ‘Hussein’ issue, and the Obama/Osams ‘mistake’ (which was repeated an undue number of times.) It’s almost depressing that the party in control of our government, the party which is supposed to represent the American people, is so blatantly out-of-line.

What do you do with this, if you’re the Obama camp? Well, so far, I’d say they’ve taken the high road and ignored it. But I hope that while they ignore it, the McCain campaign feels some heat from this step backwards. Let the Bush Dynasty ruin itself. I want to stop reading about it in the newspaper, and start reading about it in History books.