Complete Hypocrisy.
September 1, 2008

Let me be the first to say that I found the Bristol/Sarah/Trig Palin stories to be quite intriguing and I gobbled them up shamelessly. However, when you beat a dead horse like DailyKos is doing right now, you’re forfeiting the high ground. DailyKos needs to get on a new track, and find the topic that really matters. Kossians have become hypocrites, in that they support a woman’s right to choose, personal liberty, but they go on the attack when a 17 year old girl chooses to have sex, and faces the consequence of pregnancy. Hypocrisy.

It was announced today that Bristol Palin is currently 5 months pregnant, meaning that if the 5 months part is true, there’s no way she could have given birth in April. It’s Sarah Palin’s baby as far as anyone can possibly know right now. Effectively, all this announcement did was lift the accusation of lying to the general public from Sarah Palin’s shoulders.

That being said, there are still two very real and very feasible arguments to be made from the situation. She still exhibited poor judgement in handling the birth of the first child. She should never have boarded an 8 hour flight after the water breaking. Okay. Point made.

Secondly, the proof is right here in the pudding. Sarah Palin is STAUNCHLY supportive of Abstinence-Only sex education, but her own daughter didn’t pick up on the principles her mother heralds so dearly. The right wing fundamentalists give the argument that when you equip people with the ability to have protected sex, they’re going to have pre-marital sex. Well, they aren’t getting pregnant, since we’ve already equipped them with the necessary tools. So what does it boil down to? Pre-marital sex being a sin in the eyes of evangelists,  the right-wing Christian nation.

Where’s the separation of church and state there? Why do we allow this biblical notion to run our government’s policy? Abstinence-only sex education is a travesty that has statistically driven teen pregnancy numbers through the roof. Why do we constantly ignore the religious influence on local and federal government policy? Better question, which I’d like you to address in the comments, “How do we remove religious influence from Government policy, including but not limited to, abstinence only sex education, gay marriage, and abortion?”

You think the right-wing would be pretty critical of Bristol Palin for engaging in pre-marital sex, right? No no no! Instead, they champion her as virtuous and making good judgement since you know, at least she didn’t have an abortion? HYPOCRISY. The government, the world, this country, these people are rife with hypocrisy, corrupted with it to the very core of their ideals, and we can’t do a damned thing about it but sit back and tear our hair out as they run our lives with their influence on the government.

Burning Quick and Loving it
August 28, 2008

by pegleghippie

Classes are hard.  And I mean harder than they’ve been in the past.  All of my time has been devoted to class related activities for the last few days, and when I take a break to do something else, I fall behind.  That’s right, its the first week and I’m already behind.

At the same time, this may be the most enjoyable combination of classes that I’ve ever had.  Four of my five classes pertain to either my major or one of my minors, and I think all four of those are going to be memorable and exciting.  The fifth (economics) isn’t too bad either–I like the professor, I’m interested in the subject matter, and comparatively, it’s my easy class.

I transfered out of a useless public speaking class and into a government class taught by one of my Switzerland professors.  It’s about peace and conflict.  A friend of mine at another school is majoring in conflict resolution, but my school doesn’t offer that, and I figured this class would be the closest I could get. So far it’s involved examinations of how peacekeeping efforts can minimize unpleasant cultural side effects.  That means it’s 30 people discussing how to be peaceful.  It’s classes like this that make me feel like I’m at home in a classroom.

Leadership inspires a lot of what I blog about, and I have two leadership classes this semester.  One has been transformed from it’s regular approach of teaching how change works socially to examining the presidential race (you know, cause change is Obama’s slogan).  The other is on the history of leadership.  So both are about examining politicians and what they did.  Hopefully we still work in lots of leadership theory and methods.

Then I’ve got a class on postmodernist philosophy.  I like it so far, I’m beginning to understand what postmodernism really is (hint:  it’s antifoundationalism).  The class isn’t run like any other class I’ve ever seen.  For the first time ever, I am absolutely sure that psychadelic drugs will improve my work greatly in a class.  They’ll also make it fun as hell, but it’s not the first time that has happened.

So yeah, if I can control all that, all i’ve gotta do is balance in two (maybe three) clubs, a part time job, and being an SGA senator.  Free time and sleep is for underachievers anyway.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got up this early so I could study (2 chapters of leadership and 3 journal articles in pomo catches me up to today’s assignments.)

President Carter makes unlikely progress.
April 23, 2008

That face doesn’t lie, folks!

Despite admonitions from the US government, President Carter travelled to Syria last week to speak with Hamas leaders. For those of you that didn’t read my last article, Hamas is the fundamentalist Islamic group that supports Barack Obama, and believes that with Obama as president, America would be heading in the right direction.

Go Carter!

I mean really, we’re talking about international peace in the Middle East. What are we waiting for? Is America really owned by the Jews? (Nothing against Jews, it just seems like we have it out for anything that disagrees with our Hebrew… friends.) President Carter and Hamas leaders came to the agreement that if Palestine was given its only land, its own nation, within the borders of the 1967 agreement, they would live peacefully with their Israeli neighbors.

WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? I mean really guys, win win here. Stop terrorism from happening in the Middle East, and practically eliminate the entire terrorist threat to our own nation. For doing what, you ask? The same thing we did for Israel. Draw a few pretty lines on a map, make it look epic, and ship ’em off to either live together peacefully or blow theirselves up like Soldiers in Team Fortress 2. (Awesome game by the way, send me a friend invite: name is Mekhami.)

But instead, we get all pissy in our panties, scold Mr. Former President Extraordinaire, and stubbornly refuse to do anything we don’ wanna. Ugh. Time for American Government to grow up.