Add Glenn Beck to the stupid list.
July 24, 2008

After today’s Beckism, which is the term I’ll now coin for when any butt-hurt conservative (who’s taken it up the ass a few too many times from the media it owns, and who has failed miserably in any attempt to convince America that “The dead people who died in the surge equals success” and “Gas prices are cause he’s black”) decides to rant on a topic that is of their own creation, with no less whining than a pre-pubescent pop girl who was just told that Miley Cyrus’s tickets are sold out.

Needless to say, Glenn Beck transcended the usual conservative ignorance (or would that be descending?) and launched an attack on the fact that Obama’s got media attention. Let me quote some of the finer gems;

And while Obama was flying from country to country this week in a plane packed with celebrity reporters, McCain flew to an event in New Hampshire. After his Boeing 737 landed in Manchester, he stepped out onto the tarmac and glanced at the one reporter who’d bothered to show up. Yes, one.

I could make an argument that McCain’s campaign has plenty of interesting angles that would sell and rate — but, quite honestly, until this media infatuation phase is over, they’re not even worth bringing up.

McCain may not get my vote, but he gets my admiration for at least offering some substance and new ideas when he speaks. Obama, meanwhile, is like the rock star who’s realized that he can just scream unintelligible words into the microphone between songs, and the entire stadium will still scream. When your fans already love you, there’s no reason to risk it by offering anything that might be controversial.

Wow. Just wow. I didn’t know direct slander was acceptable among the conservative sheep these days. I thought they had decided to play nice this year?

It’s okay, I understand what the problem is. They have a lackluster candidate who can’t tell the difference between Czechoslovakia and… oh. wait.

Or the difference between Sunni and Shiite. Which, methinks, is pretty critical.

Or howait, the Iraq-Pakistan border. GEE GOLLY WHIZ GUYS. That was so clever of him…

So yes, when John McCain starts to pull out the big guns like gaffes on geography, culture, politics, economy, lies about campaign funding, his wives, his stance towards Israel, the reason behind Iraq, his relationship with George Bush, his Alzheime-oh sorry, the ‘age’ thing is off-limits, but ‘experience’ is totally allowed. Such bullshit.

Anyways, this rant wasn’t about John McCain. It’s about Glenn Beck. About how he can cry me a fucking river. If his candidate had more charisma then a piece of driftwood covered in algae that I took from the gulf of Mexico, shat on, threw into an incinerator, mixed the ashes with concrete and poured all over McCain’s arranged burial plot, then maybe McCain WOULD get more coverage.

But no, the GOP decided to throw all their eggs in the McCain basket, even though Republicans hate him, Democrats hate him, independents hate him, and his only real supporters are Joe Lieberman, the man with a million faces, and Glenn “It’s my Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” Beck.

Oh, and, if I ever met this guy, and he talked to me for more than 4 seconds in a row, I’d have lost all will to continue living and meander in zombie-stance.  Or maybe I’d just knock him the hell out for being such a toxic pollution to the minds of free Americans. Either way, I’d be satisfied.

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine!
May 25, 2008



Give us back the Fairness Doctrine!

Trust me, take the 9:16 and watch that YouTube video. I haven’t watched something so informative since the beginning of this campaign. I don’t know who this guy is or where he comes from, but he speaks a truth that I know Pegleghippie will agree with me, as it’s something the two of us are discussing all the time.

The media is there to make money; they are just a business! This is why we’re getting half-truths for news, we’re getting sellable information.

And our talk news, our Fox News and CNN Talk news, these broadcasts are completely right-wing!

All of this is explained in the video, so please watch this, rate it if you have a youtube account, but more importantly… Digg it!

I’m starting to understand the media.
May 14, 2008

I think I understand why the media wants Clinton to drop out… I mean, everyone knows why. They have nothing to write about, since this dragging on of the primary is completely predictable. We know what the numbers and results are going to be a week before the primary actually takes place. Analysts talk about the results and pundits make predictions and none of America is surprised. This is why the media wants Clinton to drop out.

And for once, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE MEDIA. I have had nothing to write about. Everyone knows what’s going on long before I get to hear about it, or have time to write about it. I guess I’m not supposed to be relaying news… I’m supposed to be relaying opinions. But still… what opinions can you have on predictable statistics? (Cue Pegleghippie writing a long comment about opinions on statistics…)

Everyone knows Mr. Obama’s won the nomination, and needs to start campaigning for the Presidency. That’s what the news media is hungry for, and me too… I need inspiration.

EDIT: WOW. As I’m writing this post, Clinton gives a good interview. On Cnn’s ‘The Situation Room’, she maintained her position on staying IN the race. (Bad.) But she also said that she would work hard for Obama if he were to win, and that her voters would be ‘in error’ to vote for McCain over Obama.

Mm, tasty. Finally, the innards of the big oily machine are going to come crashing down the GOP.

Nancy Grace is a Loud and Annoying Hack.
April 19, 2008

I get so tired of hearing Nancy Grace’s voice on CNN. She is constantly screaming at people that disagree with her, cutting people off, asserting her usually ignorant, opinionated, subjective ideas over the air while the people who were invited to share their points of view would just sit and listen to her banshee screams.

In what world is this woman qualified to give us the news? She has actually pushed people to kill themselves after interviews on her show. She ignores her interviewees, if she thinks her opinion is of higher quality.

How, in the name of the gods, is this woman qualified to give us news? Back when she was a prosecuting lawyer in criminal cases, she was repeatedly defeated, not by evidence and testimony, but by her own misconduct in the trial. She actually participated in illegal activities, such as soliciting false testimonies, abusing the subpoena process, and most importantly, subverting the constitutional rights of the accused. She so strongly believes that anyone who has been accused of anything is wholly, completely, and inarguable guilty of every possible charge levelled among them, that she’ll dismiss facts, polygraph tests, DNA tests, testimonies, you name it, simply to take the vanguard of the victim. Source: Still Striking Foul Blows: A Review of Nancy Grace’s Book, Objection!

Never mind, that she’s continually and in-arguably wrong.

Even about her fiance’s murder.

That’s right, her fiance was murdered, and she made up facts to push her career forward.  Source: New York Observer. She of course, defend it by saying, “[I made those statements] with the knowledge I had.” What knowledge, Nancy? What knowledge do you have? Cause whatever knowledge you have has apparently been missed by our entire justice system.

Please, for the sake of our general integrity, take this screaming wench off the air.