My Text Messaging Debacle
October 11, 2008

This is as much for Pegleghippie when he wakes up than me… this story is too awesome for me to wait for when he signs on to AIM.

Let’s start out with the motive here; I’ve dated 4 girls in the last 4 weeks. While that may seem like shallowness that I’m bragging about, it’s really not. You’d understand if you were me, but since you’re not, it’s totally cool for you to judge me.  Alas, four great girls in four weeks. None of them have worked out but I’m thinking this most recent one I’m involved with might. (I hope she doesn’t read this blog article, haha… would that be awkward?)

Anyways, I also have an iPhone, the means for my demise. It’s a really great tool that some people will scorn because it’s popular, but hey. It’s amazingly useful, I actually DO use it for all of its features, regardless of what people may think. And it’s sexy. Girls love it, I promise you. It looks great, works great, has more utility and more awesome points than a regular phone. So don’t knock me on that, cause I will emo rage on you.

And thirdly, I have a connectivity-driven personality, a personality that has given me the opportunity to do the unthinkable. I feel a strange need to be connected to information all the time. I use Twitter for news, from CNN and from people. I use Facebook to see what events are coming up that I want to go to, or to manage my exponentially increasing social life. (Remind me to do my Music History homework!) I use news readers and blog bookmarkers and lots of email.

And I’m apparently capable of sending 5000 text messages in one month.

So this perfect storm of means, motive, and opportunity means I’ve committed a 120 dollar crime. 120 dollars in overage charges on my already expensive AT&T bill. Now, I’m not a fully independent student; I don’t have much time for a work schedule between my practice and class schedule as a Music Performance major. I’m hoping to fit some shifts somewhere in next semester with better schedule planning. But this lack of income means I depend on student loans for my bills. And my student loans are managed by my fiscally brilliant mother to whom I give all the glory. She’s a genius with money. She went from being a single mom with no kids and not enough money to put food on the table to living in a $150,000 house and driving a brand new truck and is fiscally well off.

That said, my mother would have ripped a whole in the space-time continuum to reach her fist through a hole in the temporal cloth and punched me in the face if she found out I had a 200 dollar AT&T bill. She already throws enough money at me to begin with… I feel awful about it, I really do.

BUT! My amazing powers of customer service manipulation strike again. I call AT&T and I’m on hold for 20 minutes. As soon as they pick up, I let them know just how long i was waiting and why I feel that was excessive. Politely, not rudely. They kindly apologize and I tell them I have a huge problem with my phone bill. There’s absolutely no way I sent 167 text messages a day over the course of the last month. (However, as I’ve already threshed out, I’m very capable and did… Oy.) 20 minutes, some good talk, and light-hearted banter later, I’m back down to the standard 80 dollar bill.

I nearly shat myself, folks.

I See Through You, CNN.
June 16, 2008

I FUCKING HATE CNN. Yes, That was a link. A link to the most fucking stupid thing CNN could ever do. Fuck that article.

Bullshit sensationalism, irrational headlining, unwavering support for their candidate. They aren’t supposed to have a candidate of course, but I think the jackasses at CNN actually have both. And it’s all about how they manipulate the news.

Take for instance, a blog on CNN’s Political Ticker. This is a blog from the people at CNN, not by third parties. This blog’s title says, ‘Obama Camp: We can win without FL, OH.’

Fuck that sensationalist shit. This is headlining, this is exactly what Piazza Diavola wrote about. God knows, the vast majority of Americans can’t see past the title. They want 30 second commercials, 30 minute television shows, and 90 minute movies. They can’t handle the kind of attention span it takes for the illiterate base population of the US of A to read the entire article, and understand it.

So they ‘innocently’ broadcast these headlines that completely misconstrue the truth, throw rationale and honesty to the wind, and back their opponent with the loyal steadfastness of a golden retriever.

That wouldn’t be as big of a problem if they would back Obama, since he’s obviously the only one qualified for the job this year. But I can’t tell if they do or don’t; I can’t tell if they’re backing McCain, Obama, Nader, Ron Paul, or Ross Perot. They can’t make up their mind any more than the American Democrats.

Add this to their conception that Americans are completely unenlightened, shocked by things like homosexuality to the point that it’s headline news. CNN’s a shitbag, no better than Faux News. And to think I used to think THEY were truly balanced.

Fuck the media, Fuck McCain, Fuck CNN. And Fuck blind Hillary supporters who can’t see past their own gender. God forbid they do the right thing. I guess they’re just giving me fodder for another post about how all people should have to pass a standardized test about the government, and other things such as logic… Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

I’m an uncle today!!
June 12, 2008

Born at 8:21 this evening, I just now got back from the hospital.

I couldn’t be more proud of my brother, as young as he and his fiancee are, (He’s 18 and she’s 16), he’s shown himself to be mature and is going to be an amazing father!


Where was my big Victory Post?
June 6, 2008

I didn’t forget to post about Obama’s nomination. After the announcement that he clinched the nomination, I actually went into a frenzie of happiness much like an acid trip, (never been there jk jk) and passed out from then til juuust now.

As you can obviously tell, I’m not serious. I just got back from Transfer orientation at UNT. Which was productive albeit boring and humiliating.

But for now, the man of the hour!

That man right there is going to put America back on track.  This is 1968 in 2008. This is the 40th anniversary of progression. This is hope, people. This is change.

What the critics are calling empty rhetoric is a vision. What they mock as inexperience is a new outlook. What they wish to keep from you is freedom, success, wealth, and happiness.

We’re on the path for Universal Healthcare. If he chooses Hillary Clinton as his VP, which may or may not be the best choice, you can guarantee something’s going to get done there. The promises were too big… if they didn’t pull through on that, they’d never be re-elected.

We’re on the path for a more democratic nation. Special interests and lobbyists are taking the backseat now. The American people are going to navigate and this man, this vision, this change, has the wheel. We ripped off the rear-view mirror folks.

McCain has no chance. We’re all tired of Republican government. I’d be surprised if it isn’t a landslide victory. We can’t be stopped this year, or next year. We the people, in order to form THE more perfect union, have chosen Barack Obama to guide or foreign policy. A friend to Iran, an enemy to subversive terror groups, but more importantly, a friend to all people wishing democracy.

The nation nearly collapsed under Bush’s presidency. Who knows what may happen before November. Who knows what last minute destruction he’s going to inflict, out of stubborn ignorance, misinformation, foolish foreign policy, and terrible economic decisions.

What I do know is that come November, the dollar’s going to get stronger. The stock market’s going to go up. Our economy will be a little stronger just knowing that someone, finally someone qualified, is in the position.

We need you to vote, people. It’s not okay to assume that someone else’s vote is gonna carry. But we have time, and I’ll be writing about the importance of you getting out there to vote. i’ll write about the importance of every person who wants to change, to take an hour off of work, to find someone to watch your kids, to turn off the television. I’ll give you instructions on registering to vote. I’ll personally assist anyone who wants help learning how to vote, from 18 year old first-time voters, to 50 year old citizens who’ve never voted in their life.

Go to and make a donation of 25 dollars. That’s an hour of work for our better off viewers, a lawn mowed by our younger readers, or a birthday present from Gramma Pat. Give Obama a fighting chance against McCain, who relies on 50,000 dollar checks from PAC’s and special interests. The DNC has agreed not to accept any money from PAC’s or special interests, and relies on the American People. Because this is your president.

It’s time to play the game. Let’s turn all those states.

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine!
May 25, 2008



Give us back the Fairness Doctrine!

Trust me, take the 9:16 and watch that YouTube video. I haven’t watched something so informative since the beginning of this campaign. I don’t know who this guy is or where he comes from, but he speaks a truth that I know Pegleghippie will agree with me, as it’s something the two of us are discussing all the time.

The media is there to make money; they are just a business! This is why we’re getting half-truths for news, we’re getting sellable information.

And our talk news, our Fox News and CNN Talk news, these broadcasts are completely right-wing!

All of this is explained in the video, so please watch this, rate it if you have a youtube account, but more importantly… Digg it!

Welfare, Medicaid, Screw the Middle Class
May 18, 2008

This is my most conservative ideal. Or maybe not.

Here’s some real statistics that I’m going to make up for you.

82% of welfare recipients are minorities. (37% Black, 29% Hispanic, 18% White, 10% Asian-American, 6% Native American)
79% of medicaid recipients are minorities. (See above statistics, subtract 3% from minority of choice.)

Obviously these are real statistics that I just randomly generated in my head. But with that in mind, I’d be willing to bet the numbers are pretty close… maybe swap black and hispanic, asian-american and white. Give or take on all of ’em, and you have a good makeup of what our nation’s vast welfare budget is going to.

Now, from my previous post, you know I work in a hospital. Far too often, all the damn time, I see minorities coming in with clothes that don’t fit, look like they haven’t ever been washed, smell like marijuana and look like they are on meth. Of course, behind this lone woman trails a gaggle of small obnoxious children.

Folks, if you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.

Why do they do it to themselves? Endow themselves with a life of poverty. That’s fun! I’ll tell you why though, it’s because my state, if not my national government, gives away health insurance to any pregnant woman (with stipulations I’m sure, probably about being unemployed and stuff like that. I mean who has time to work when they had their 4th kid at 19?). It’s the lower-class’s only way out of rising insurance costs and even higher medical bills. What’s my issue with this?

My hard-earned 7.50 an hour, my emotionally draining occupation, is going to these people who don’t do fuck-all for themselves but have more babies so they get more Medicaid and health insurance. Is it their fault? Pegleghippie would say no, the government puts them in this situation. They sponsor it through lack of education funding and lower police activity in the poor sections of urban America. Thus empowering drug dealers and gang members and further subjugating the American minorities.

I call shenanigans. I call him a conspiracy theorist, he calls me naive. It’s a fun little balance we have. But I firmly believe in this logic, this reality; every choice is a choice. Simple enough statement. But what I mean by that is you may be presented with the option to do drugs or not do drugs. You may be handed this opportunity more times than anyone else in the world, but every time, you will still have the choice. It’s not that hard to utter a single syllable. No.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for increasing education and police funding for the point of bettering the lower and middle classes. I will wholeheartedly agree that there is a need. But I think that currently that need is an excuse for lower-class America to feed off of welfare and medicaid. To feed off of my money.

But there’s a bigger problem with our system. This time, actually, a real, true statistic that I didn’t make up; ready for this? 93% of our welfare and disability money is being stolen by vendors. You know, those unhelpful people who give out food stamps and distribute checks? 93%. 93% of something close to 2 billion dollars. This private study shows a shocking amount of corruption in American finance handling.

So what’s the real problem? Is it people feeding off welfare? Or is it vendors stealing it, corrupt bureaucracy? 93% of me says it’s the latter. But that 7% is still furious at those whiny little children with paper-cuts.

May 18, 2008

50 year old male dies in the emergency room just 90 minutes before I arrived for my shift… I’m a simple admissions representative, not a doctor or a nurse. All I know is how to read an insurance card, and what information to gather. People come to my desk expecting a vast well of medical knowledge… when I ask, “Accident or illness?” I get life stories. I get medical history dating back to the 50’s and their childhood asthma. I nod and pretend I’m typing it all down, to give the illusion of experience and wisdom… maybe they find that comforting.

In reality though, I’m a college musician with no desire to work in the medical field. This is a part-time job paying the big bucks at 7.50 an hour, over 8 hour shifts of sitting at a desk. (Without internet access, I might add… this is a travesty.) Some times I feel like I deserve to be paid more. Who doesn’t, really, but I get death threats. I see gang members coming in to try and finish the job. I get insults and yelling fits and crying fits and vomit and blood and viscera at my desk.

Take that all in stride with a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and be sure to replace your pens every half hour.

When I started here, I got shingles. Shingles for Christ’s sake. For those of you who don’t know what Shingles are, it’s Chicken Pox, the sequel. Herpes Zostra is the medical term for it. Big outbreaks of the most awful sores, which, at the peak of the virus, open and bleed and are so damn painful. Makes wearing clothes an arduous task.

Did I mention a man died today, at just 50 years old, not more than 20 yards behind me?

But here I am, focusing on me.

That’s the desensitization I’m talking about. People, relatively young, die here every day. Minors with drug overdoses, gunshot wounds, people that trip and hit their head outside of church, alcohol poisoning. Death, all around me. Death and dying. I guess they are outside of my Monkeysphere, or something, cause I haven’t given any of them a second thought. Other than to shock my friends with my depressing job.

So, stay cold, mocha Frappuccino. I need my caffeine fix this early in the morning. Keeps me awake to observe the beginning of the end.

Note to my supervisor: Give me a raise. I think I earn it.

Sam L. Jackson and Twitter.
May 4, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson
For those of you that haven’t seen Iron Man yet, stay after the credits have rolled.


THAT BONUS SCENE WAS AMAZING. OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE. I don’t believe I’ve ever said that about a superhero movie. This cliffhanger was spectacular. ‘Avenger Initiative’ oh my god, I think that was an orgasm there.


In other news, I found an apartment in Denton to move into. Very nice, balls expensive but worth it, I think, in the long run. Which brings me to my next point, I love Twitter. It’s unfortunate that my co-founder here is my only follower.

For those of you that don’t already know, Twitter is a unique form of social networking that lets you send regular status updates about yourself to mobile devices and computers based on who is following you. Twitter even saved a guy’s life!

You just text your status updates to twitter, and then Twitter will do all the work for you and send out that update to all your designated followers. And you can follow your favorite Diggnation stars, Alexalbrecht and Kevinrose while you’re at it, since they’re insanely popular and awesome.

So, please, follow me on twitter! I need your help to spread the word about this blog. We’ve been doing really great with visitors lately, so let’s keep up the trend. Just sign up at Twitter and follow me by clicking here and follow Teslanaut while you’re at it. Click here for his twitter.

My Cello Recording
April 29, 2008

I recorded two songs for an audition tape to the University of North Texas today. I played Bach Suite no. 4, Courante, and the first movement of the Elgar Cello Concerto. The Concerto has been worked on for a while but, I fell out of practice this semester when my cello professor and I had a falling out. So I had to pick that back up and I learned the movement of Bach on my own, (which came out great… go me!)

Here’s the links.

Bach Suite no. IV, Courante

Elgar Cello Concerto, mvmt. 1

Feel free to comment!

(and yes, I know I typo’d Suite. Sorry!)

Disease: Proof of God’s existence?
April 25, 2008

Those who know me know I take a very anti-religion stance in every argument. That’s because I believe wholeheartedly that religion is a falsehood created by man to make money and gain power. I mean really, tithes? The Papacy? Gimme a break, God doesn’t care about the Pope any more than he cares about the goldfish I killed today. (accident, honest.)

But here I’ll propose that death and disease are proof of God’s existence. In Genesis, God cursed humanity with death and disease when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man lost his immortality. He found weakness, illness, fatigue, and hard work. Eve found childbirth and death and disease and hunger.

And now my point; without disease and death and weakness, we’d become hugely overpopulated and all starve to death. Call it, instead, Darwinistic population control. Wars, famine, the Great Fire of London, terrorism, sharks… are these all the messengers of God saying, “Hey. I need you to die cause if ya don’t, 10000 others will?”

I’ve always argued that peace can sometimes only be found on the other side of war. Sometimes it takes war to get people in shape. Well does it take war as well to keep the population in check? Is this proof of intelligent design? That we’re angry, violent beings, with a tendency for self-indulgence? Is the fact that we haven’t found a cure for cancer a sign that ‘God’ is there, saying, “No, no, no… I need that cancer to make the rest of you alive.”

No offense to people with Cancer. I’m not saying you should lay down and die. Perhaps I’m saying we should be at peace with the fate of those who did.