April 30, 2008

by pegleghippie

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So I really should be working on this paper that is due at 5 (an hour from now), but I need a break, and the site needs hits, so I thought I’d vent right here for you guys.  

The paper’s about plato and rousseau, which is easy enough for me, but I’m just not feeling motivated right now.  You know how it goes.  I’ve got the thing about halfway done, and I don’t even have all my information put in, so the length shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m just torn between my immediate comfort and my desire to do well in this class (an A is definitely within the realm of possibility).  

I was thinking about voter turnout, and I assume its going to be high this year, say 70,000,000, then we greens need 3.5 million to get our magical 5%.  If you don’t know, you become a ‘for reals’ political party, complete with public funding and ballot access, if you get 5% in a previous election.  With Obama floundering, maybe enough politically engaged types won’t stay home, but will vote, and turn to the greens.  We just need a less-tarnished candidate than Nader.  I like Nader, but at this point, he’s in it for his ego, not to build a party.  Grrr.  

Oh and I don’t won’t Obama to lose, don’t get me wrong.  He’s more than likely going to get the democratic nomination, and he’s 1000 times preferable to Mccain, but I’m done supporting corporate centrism, which is exactly what we’ll get with Obama.  I guess ideally, for building a truly progressive movement, I want to see the 2008 election go something like, 48% obama, 45% Mccain, 5% green candidate (probably nader), 2% smaller parties.  

That would mean we’d avoid Bush-the-third, but Obama would see that there’s a real pressure for some truly progressive action.  

And us greens would be in a position to start really party-building in smaller elections.