Congratulations Mr. Obama! Now don’t fuck this up
November 5, 2008

by pegleghippie

Tell me if this was your experience last night.

When it was called for Obama (right after VA went for him!  Being a swing state payed off!), I first felt an immense sense of relief–Our nation was serious about being a first-world nation again, and the silliness of republicans wouldn’t be the norm anymore.

Then I felt immense pride, and humility, because I wasn’t sure the American people had it in them to vote for a black man.  Not just a black man, a progressive, multi-ethnic man with a world perspective instead of an American one.  But the American people proved to me that they weren’t the hicks and yokels that I find myself characterizing them as.

But then, THEN, I felt an enormous sense of responsibility.  The American people were trusting a guy from my side to run things.  We couldn’t be the minority that complained and critiqued from the outside once Obama got elected.  We have to get results now.

So Mr. Obama, don’t fuck this up.  There will be plenty of arenas, not to mention opportunities, to fuck up.  

Arenas like the progressive arena, where we will hold your feet to the fire constantly, and anytime you take action that isn’t to relieve suffering, we will be on you.  

Another arena, and a bigger one, is America at large.  The majority trusts you, that is, they trust us.  we can’t fail this country, especially not now.

Finally, there is the world at large.  We have a reputation to save with Europe and a continent to save with Africa.  It’s getting to the point where if we don’t do something now, the damage may be irreparable.

So right now, I still feel joy!  And I will be so pissed if the man I trusted violates that joy.