Three exciting things at once!
September 20, 2008

by pegleghippie

Ok so thursday night I saw David Byrne (of talking heads fame) perform at my school.  I would say best concert ever, but that doesn’t do it justice.  It was an art performance, with dancing and lights and surprises and themes and narratives!  The man is a genius, and a talented one at that.  His fellow performers were just as top notch, especially the dual percussionists.  Really, if you get the chance to see David Byrne, do it.  No excuses, find a way.  And if you have the foresight to swallow a tablespoon of nutmeg 7 hours beforehand, all the better.  That did make it a little awkward when I ran into my french professor though.

Then friday I saw Children of Men.  This is a great, atmospheric, intelligent movie about the way partisan differences can fuck things up, as told through science fiction (no really).  You see, every woman is sterile in this future, and has been for nearly 19 years.  Then this apathetic guy (Clive Owen) discovers this pregnant illegal immigrant, which is basically now the most important person alive.  He hides her from the fascist government, only to get screwed by the ideologically-blinded rebels, and races to escape to a benevolent third-party NGO.  It sounds dumb, I know, but it’s really really amazing, and it’ll make you like organizations like the red cross more.  Oh and Michael Cane grows weed in it.

Then this morning Madeline Albright came to speak at our school.  Yeah, I know!  Madeline fuckin’ Albright!  Suffice it to say, she’s smarter than all of us, and takes a view towards foreign policy that combines acknowledging real problems while seeking humanistic solutions.  I can’t really say more about her than that.

And those were three sweet things.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to a comedian tonight.  If he’s any good, you’ll hear about it.

UPDATE (10:41 PM):  Dan Cummins is a very talented, very subversive comedian.  As far as today goes, he’s right up there with Albright, but for very different reasons.