The Path of Insanity
June 8, 2008

I just saw this video on YouTube. After watching it, I was forced to look inward at my perspective, at my perception of the current State of the Union. I’m so caught up in Obama becoming our next president that I’ve forgotten that it’s six months away. Six months, and what could happen between now and then?

Our first instinct is, there’s no logical justification for George Bush doing anything ridiculous. He’s almost gone, the stakes are too high, we’re right in the middle of change… why would he do anything to jeopardize America?

But wait a second. Take a look at that statement. This is the paradigm of the president for the next six months, which I’ll hereby refer to as The Lamest Duck. He’s done only illogical, unjustified things, and we need to be afraid. We need to be afraid of what he’s currently capable of, with a numeric albeit dwindling majority in the Senate. We need to be wary of the path of insanity.

I haven’t shown you the video yet. The video is from former UN Inspector Scott Ritter on C-Span2 BookTV. I’ll give you this, it could just be a sales pitch for an upcoming novel. But the reality is there folks, and our unpredictable, uncontrollable President-pro-momentus could lead us to the greatest disaster in human history.

I’m not trying to fear monger like they’d have you believe. I’m not trying to cry out against the GOP, I’m not trying to hit below the belt at McCain (he does that to himself quite often and successfully.)

You need to see this video.