I See Through You, CNN.
June 16, 2008

I FUCKING HATE CNN. Yes, That was a link. A link to the most fucking stupid thing CNN could ever do. Fuck that article.

Bullshit sensationalism, irrational headlining, unwavering support for their candidate. They aren’t supposed to have a candidate of course, but I think the jackasses at CNN actually have both. And it’s all about how they manipulate the news.

Take for instance, a blog on CNN’s Political Ticker. This is a blog from the people at CNN, not by third parties. This blog’s title says, ‘Obama Camp: We can win without FL, OH.’

Fuck that sensationalist shit. This is headlining, this is exactly what Piazza Diavola wrote about. God knows, the vast majority of Americans can’t see past the title. They want 30 second commercials, 30 minute television shows, and 90 minute movies. They can’t handle the kind of attention span it takes for the illiterate base population of the US of A to read the entire article, and understand it.

So they ‘innocently’ broadcast these headlines that completely misconstrue the truth, throw rationale and honesty to the wind, and back their opponent with the loyal steadfastness of a golden retriever.

That wouldn’t be as big of a problem if they would back Obama, since he’s obviously the only one qualified for the job this year. But I can’t tell if they do or don’t; I can’t tell if they’re backing McCain, Obama, Nader, Ron Paul, or Ross Perot. They can’t make up their mind any more than the American Democrats.

Add this to their conception that Americans are completely unenlightened, shocked by things like homosexuality to the point that it’s headline news. CNN’s a shitbag, no better than Faux News. And to think I used to think THEY were truly balanced.

Fuck the media, Fuck McCain, Fuck CNN. And Fuck blind Hillary supporters who can’t see past their own gender. God forbid they do the right thing. I guess they’re just giving me fodder for another post about how all people should have to pass a standardized test about the government, and other things such as logic… Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Oh yeah, Save Internet Radio please!
May 14, 2008

After writing that earlier article today, I seemed to have found my muse!




Basically, Cable and Satellite radio are paying half as much royalty fees to artists than our awesome internet radio compadres are. Sites like Last.fm, Pandora.com, these places are at a huge risk of being shut down completely due to the fact that they have no competitive edge. Basically they’re getting shut out by SoundExchange, who negotiates royalty fees.

Go to that website that I linked earlier, and read about it. If you suport it, and YOU SHOULD!, then give your senator a call. There’s actually a service right on that website that will tell you who to call and what to say.

Now I know what most of you are saying, how many people ACTUALLY call their senator? Well, I never have until now, I called and this is what happened.

Them: Senator Hutchinson’s Office.
Me: Hi, I’m calling to ask Senator Hutchinson to save Internet radio by co-sponsoring the Internet Radio Equality Act.
Them: Okay, can I get your zipcode?
Me: (Zip Code)
Them: I’ll pass that right on for you.
Me: Thanks!
Them: Have a good day.

This was NOT an intimidating, awkward phone call. This was me asking this other person to tell someone something for me. (God that sentence was convoluted.) This is a vital part of saving the internet radio.

The internet is our future folks, and we need to support an open-ended future.


President Carter makes unlikely progress.
April 23, 2008

That face doesn’t lie, folks!

Despite admonitions from the US government, President Carter travelled to Syria last week to speak with Hamas leaders. For those of you that didn’t read my last article, Hamas is the fundamentalist Islamic group that supports Barack Obama, and believes that with Obama as president, America would be heading in the right direction.

Go Carter!

I mean really, we’re talking about international peace in the Middle East. What are we waiting for? Is America really owned by the Jews? (Nothing against Jews, it just seems like we have it out for anything that disagrees with our Hebrew… friends.) President Carter and Hamas leaders came to the agreement that if Palestine was given its only land, its own nation, within the borders of the 1967 agreement, they would live peacefully with their Israeli neighbors.

WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? I mean really guys, win win here. Stop terrorism from happening in the Middle East, and practically eliminate the entire terrorist threat to our own nation. For doing what, you ask? The same thing we did for Israel. Draw a few pretty lines on a map, make it look epic, and ship ’em off to either live together peacefully or blow theirselves up like Soldiers in Team Fortress 2. (Awesome game by the way, send me a friend invite: name is Mekhami.)

But instead, we get all pissy in our panties, scold Mr. Former President Extraordinaire, and stubbornly refuse to do anything we don’ wanna. Ugh. Time for American Government to grow up.

Quantifying Rationality
April 21, 2008

by pegleghippie

This post may be a bit all over the place, and It will definitely be on the heavy side, so strap in now or get out of the car.

strap in

Now I know that the motto for this blog is “building irrationality.”  I’m going to do the opposite.  Sorry Mekhami, sorry Teslanaut, but my purpose here is to make the idea of a ‘rational individual’ a little more concrete.

Some of you may see my phrase-choice ‘rational individual’ and think of economics.  Good job!  That’s what I was thinking of too when I came up with these ideas.  Bear in mind that I have not formally studied economics in depth, so the following may be old news, but it’s so specific, and only briefly touches on the field of economics, that I doubt I’ll be committing any Faux Pas’ here.


McCain: Obama is a Terrorist Supporter.
April 21, 2008

Keep your hats on for this one folks, the GOP campaigners have hit a new low of mudslinging politics. Breaking news from the McCain camp; Hamas supports Obama! (I bet they are transferring him money through secret swiss bank accounts that he’s going to use to steal health insurance from the poor and stuffed animals from small children.)

Hamas stated in a public announcement, “We like Obama. He’s a nice guy.” That’s not verbatim, but it’s pretty damn close. Basically Hamas said that Obama has the right idea for America.

Hoooolyyyy shit. An Islamic fundamentalist group thinks that Obama’s got it going on. GOP hayday!

Or not? Perhaps this means… Obama… really is… a nice guy? NO WAY! Does he really… have the right idea for America? PREPOSTEROUS! I mean, God forbid someone outside of our precious 48 continental states actually thinks we have some morals. Or decency. Or humanity.

This all new low for the Republican party is disgusting. I can’t believe it hasn’t gotten headline controversy. I mean, this ranks up there with the ‘Hussein’ issue, and the Obama/Osams ‘mistake’ (which was repeated an undue number of times.) It’s almost depressing that the party in control of our government, the party which is supposed to represent the American people, is so blatantly out-of-line.

What do you do with this, if you’re the Obama camp? Well, so far, I’d say they’ve taken the high road and ignored it. But I hope that while they ignore it, the McCain campaign feels some heat from this step backwards. Let the Bush Dynasty ruin itself. I want to stop reading about it in the newspaper, and start reading about it in History books.

Nancy Grace is a Loud and Annoying Hack.
April 19, 2008

I get so tired of hearing Nancy Grace’s voice on CNN. She is constantly screaming at people that disagree with her, cutting people off, asserting her usually ignorant, opinionated, subjective ideas over the air while the people who were invited to share their points of view would just sit and listen to her banshee screams.

In what world is this woman qualified to give us the news? She has actually pushed people to kill themselves after interviews on her show. She ignores her interviewees, if she thinks her opinion is of higher quality.

How, in the name of the gods, is this woman qualified to give us news? Back when she was a prosecuting lawyer in criminal cases, she was repeatedly defeated, not by evidence and testimony, but by her own misconduct in the trial. She actually participated in illegal activities, such as soliciting false testimonies, abusing the subpoena process, and most importantly, subverting the constitutional rights of the accused. She so strongly believes that anyone who has been accused of anything is wholly, completely, and inarguable guilty of every possible charge levelled among them, that she’ll dismiss facts, polygraph tests, DNA tests, testimonies, you name it, simply to take the vanguard of the victim. Source: Still Striking Foul Blows: A Review of Nancy Grace’s Book, Objection!

Never mind, that she’s continually and in-arguably wrong.

Even about her fiance’s murder.

That’s right, her fiance was murdered, and she made up facts to push her career forward.  Source: New York Observer. She of course, defend it by saying, “[I made those statements] with the knowledge I had.” What knowledge, Nancy? What knowledge do you have? Cause whatever knowledge you have has apparently been missed by our entire justice system.

Please, for the sake of our general integrity, take this screaming wench off the air.


Obama Says “21 Debates Quite Enough.”
April 18, 2008

After the 21st debate of the campaign, Barack Obama has stated he doubts whether he’ll continue debating with Demo-public nominee Hillary Clinton and Bush Dynasty Heir John McCain.

He says, “I’ll be honest with you, we’ve now had 21. It’s not as if we don’t know how to do these things. I could deliver Sen. Clinton’s lines; she could, I’m sure, deliver mine.”

I’m sure the McHillary duo would be thrilled to continue with the debates. They tag-team on the things that Obama accurately calls trivial; Common Washington jabs about unimportant misspeaks, and politicking.

“Last night, we set a new record, because it took us 45 minutes before we even started talking — until we started talking about a single issue that matters to the American people,” he said.

Most political aficionados would say that this was just an excuse for a poor performance in the debate. Poor performance derived from the ruthless line-crossing double team by Hillary and McCain. Poor performance derived from Obama’s two controversial issues on the campaign trail. (Do we need to count Clinton’s? I mean really, they number in the high 20s.)

But isn’t this what the American people REALLY WANT? A politician who pays less attention to the ‘gotcha’s’ of Washington politics and more attention to the issues at hand?

Thank you for honesty, Obama. I hope you do focus on the campaign, and win the nomination so I can cast my vote for the first American President.

Is Obama Flawless?
April 16, 2008

At the risk of making him appear to be the anti-Christ, Barack Obama has run a good campaign.

….A flawless campaign.

While Clinton stumbles over every made-up story, every half-truth, and unimaginative attack, Barack Obama has done something that we the people have never seen before. He tells the truth, as a politician! Yes, you heard it right. A Politician. And more importantly, he doesn’t back down from criticism. He takes his point of view, and trumpets it with clarity and dignity.

Even when Obama screws up, he does it well. This whole “bitter” controversy (politics at its best) in the hands of a lesser Democrat would have been explained, apologized for, excused, taken back, reworded, apologized for again, and been a huge tool for the Bush Dynasty. But our once-in-a-lifetime candidate says, “I could have worded it better,” but sticks to his guns. Doesn’t back down under pressure. Calmly addresses the issue and takes his stance. And isn’t that what we really want in a presidential candidate?

I’m afraid this bickering between our Democrating candidate and our Female republic candidate will hurt Obama’s push to the White House. Hopefully not… all I can say is, if you’re 18 years old, GO VOTE.