Haven’t been writing, haven’t been passing.
December 7, 2008

I need your help, world. I need your advice. I won’t excuse my failures this semester with poor class choice, but let me outline my class schedule for you.

Music History – Early Music to 1750. (Hardest undergraduate music class offered at the school, whopping 22% pass rate.)
World Literature – Ancient Literature to Renaissance (Blended class, half online, which you think would be a boon for me but more often than not I just forget to check for my online assignments.)
Piano – (I suck at Piano.)
Cello Lessons – (Grade for this class is based on ‘jury’ performance, or a performing final, and I did miserably in front of the most intimidating music faculty I’ve ever encountered.)
Chamber Music – (I got an A! Bahaha.)
Orchestra – (I think I’ll have an A… if I turn in those concert reports.)

I failed Music History, World Literature, and Piano, got a C in cello lessons because of that god-awful jury.

Where do I go from here? I need to speak to my counselor (I guess that means I should figure out who my counselor is) to find out if I can even stay in the school!

But I need your help. I don’t know how to develop a work ethic.  I don’t know how to get off the computer, get off my girlfriend, and do my work,  to study and pass these tests, and most importantly to GO TO CLASS!

What can I do, really? I’ve never had a work ethic. But this next semester, on top of getting a job, I have to increase my practice time from the maybe 10 hours a week I had last semester to 30 hours a week. And on top of that get my work done and pass all my classes. God, wouldn’t it be fantastic if I got straight A’s?

So what are your techniques for focus, for getting thing done?