Black Gold: Why Offshore Drilling is Bravado
June 23, 2008

Written by Mekhami and Addendum by Pegleghippie; crossposted to My Left Wing

I was working at my favorite West Texas hospital today, and a wealthy property owner came in for his daily treatment. Well into his 70’s, this gentleman and I always had a good conversation and a good laugh while I checked him and prepped him for the treatment room.  He told me about the 10.4 million dollar property he’s been dying to sell, and how he hasn’t gotten any real offers yet. Eventually the topic, given my politivangelistic© nature, turned to offshore drilling, and the energy crisis. We sparred semantics for a few minutes before getting to the nitty gritty about it. He’s a Republican (one of very few vices on the man) and so naturally, he’s for offshore drilling.


busy today
May 7, 2008

by pegleghippie

Ok, so our views are really going up, but in order to maintain that, we need to have continuous good posts going up daily, at least. Dear readers, I’m sorry to say that this is unlikely today, at least from dear old plh. Today is university study day, and I’m hitting the books hard to be ready for the coming onslaught (4 finals in 2 days, both days involve night-time exams).

Who knows? there’s a lot of hours to fill, maybe at some point I’ll feel inspired and I’ll have something great to write. Right now though, the best I can give is this apology, to our ever-increasing readership, and to my partner mehkami and myself, since I can’t keep up my blogging obligation all proper-like.

welcome religious nuts
May 1, 2008

by pegleghippie

I was looking at what searches led to our blog here, and by far the biggest amount have come from people searching for ‘the seven deadly sins.’ Now since i had the word ‘vain’ in my introduction post, and included a picture of ms. vanity, that worthless little paragraph is the most popular post on our site.   The internet is weird.

In any case, whether you’re looking for answers about the nature of your own beliefs, or you’re doing a school project, or you were just bored and wanted to search for sexy sin pictures, I hope you take a look around the site.  We’re pretty neat-o, as it were.