McCain in Good Health (Reporters checkmate doctors.)
May 23, 2008

I just got done listening in on a teleconference involving McCain’s dermatologist, the surgeon who performed the skin cancer removal on his left temple, the CEO of the hospital he went to, and several others. I wasn’t able to ask questions but several reporters were able to.

In the beginning of the teleconference, they said he has 4 malignant melanoma’s. One invasive (meaning deep, and touching stuff) which was on his temple (which by the way is near the brain) and three non-invasive (on the shoulder, arm, and nasal wall.) All were removed, with no sign of reoccurrence.

However, later in the conference, a reporter asked about something they saw on his medical records… One of the ‘non-invasive’ melanomas, the one on his shoulder… was actually invasive! The doctors all got dumb, speechless. ‘Have no information’, you know the drill.

Reporters check-mating doctors makes me chuckle.

Apparently he’s also in great heart health, doing well on stress tests.

Unless another reporter points out the mild hypertension and blood sugar ‘anomalies.’ Which will be further mitigated by the fact that he’s taking medication for his 4 kidney stones, 4 bladder stones… because this medication (Couldn’t catch the spelling of the name over the voice) exacerbates hypertension.

Whoo boy. Father died of stroke and he has signs of heart problems, and he’ll be 72 and our oldest president. Whoo boy.

Now I’m not really all that worried about his health. I’m more worried about the discrepencies by his medical records and doctors, this lack of communication. Whatever, he’s healthy, yay, he’s okay to be a candidate.


His policy views still suck. No more Bush, folks. Vote Obama ’08.