Writing blogs is hard when you’re not smart enough to blog.
May 17, 2008

And no, this time I’m not talking about Straightrecord. (Well, unless you count this as talking about him, in which case, you’re obviously reading too in-depth into writings by me. Trust me, there’s no depth to my shallowness.) (Sorry Daniel Tosh, that’s deliberate plagiarism.)

Anyways, my point. I’m not smart enough to blog. Really, I’m average. Below average probably.

No, I’ve seen average. Definitely slightly above average.

But definitely below blogger average. I have no skills in research, I’m always last to hear the news, I play too many video games and read too few Communist Manifestos. But I think my biggest flaw was the first I mentioned, and that’s skills in research.

Other bloggers out there who I admire (see: blogroll) dig deeply into subjects they latch onto, getting information that hasn’t already been published on CNN (my favorite media source… any input why?) or Time magazine (of which i’m currently reading 6 month old copies of, trying to find some muse.) They read senate reports and find just-released press-releases.

Gosh these guys are good.

So, all I have to offer you is the promise to do better, and along with my second-hand story-telling, far-too-many hyphenated words, stinging rhetoric and ironic phrasing. And alot more rhetoric. With some semantics.

And jokes. Which are usually left a bit wanting.

In the mean time, read pegleghippie’s stuff, he has original ideas in his =D

Your favorite uninspired lower-middle class college student…