The Divisive Power of Religion

Or, why I hate Christians, Jews, and Muslims. (Not so much on the Muslims. They keep pretty well to themselves.) (Or the Jews really. I just hate Christians.)

This election has brought out the worst of the religious fiends. Obama is not the anti-Christ. But they’ll have you believe he is! Massive numbers of Facebook statuses out there today with hateful messages like, “I can’t believe we elected a President who doesn’t believe this is a Christian nation.” Newsflash! America is much more than a Christian nation. It’s a Christian nation and a Jewish nation and a Muslim nation and an atheist nation and a gay nation and straight nation and yes, you’ve heard Obama’s 2004 convention speech before.

Somehow, though, the religious fundamentalists will still turn such a progressive and ground breaking election into a spectacle of hate. Mongering about anti-Christs and Christian Nations prompted me to start some arguments with them about how wrong they are. Needless to say, their first proposition was woefully unprepared, as they had nothing to say to back up the point that he was indeed the opposite of their lord god. (caps intended.)

And when confronted about the Christian Nation part? I bluntly told them that they do not live in a Christian nation, and repeated the Obamamantra from a paragraph ago. (About the multi-ethnic melting pot that is this cesspool of hatred and intolerance we call America.) A majority of them, here in the deep south of Texas, actually responded with this.

“Yeah, so we bring them to Christ!”


It’s not your job to convert us lowly heathens. We’ve made our choices. You’ve made yours. Stop converting people. If they want it, they’ll let you know.


Pun intended.

I mean, what force has been more destructive than the Christian religion? The Crusades, the Biblical Genocides, the Spanish Inquisition, even the Holocaust (by association) were perpetrated by these almighty vicars of faith and good will. Catholic Pedophiles and Evangelist Money Launderers. Ugh. I’m so disgusted.

Atheists are the real angels. Tolerant to the extreme. God is dead, save yourselves.

3 Responses

  1. Hahahaha, I love your first paragraph, simply because it fits into the stereotype that American atheists only feel spite towards christianity. I once responded to such a charge by writing a paper that said “fuck [insert divine entity here]” for every religious icon I could think of. Even a few opened-minded people thought I crossed the line, until I pointed out that I never said “fuck you” to anyone who I thought was real.

    As to your post at large, we discussed this earlier. Not everywhere is red state Texas, and most American christians are rather agreeable, open-minded people who aren’t interested in forcing anything on us heathens.

    The fundie element is out there though, and there’s multiple ways to confront them. You’ve opted to make them look silly to get them to think, and that’s fun, and even sometimes works! I prefer appealing to their sense of equality: “I’m ok with you being religious, and I respect you as a person. Why can’t you do the same for me?” Yeah its a guilt trip, but I think building decency is a first step towards building critical thinking in cases like this.

  2. I agree with Taylor about the first paragraph. Without sounding to reactionary, perhaps an appropriate follow-up post would be “The Divisive Power of Generalizations.” I don’t have any background about your experience in Texas, but I would urge you to avoid hating Christians everywhere simply because some have attempted to force their beliefs upon you. Something to keep in mind, as well, is that a proseltyzing is a component to most world religions and their subsects (otherwise they wouldn’t really be world religions). As a Christian, I hope that in the future you meet less ignorant Christians and ones who are willing to engage in a civil discussion about beliefs.

  3. Way to use my real name and not my screenname Adam, lol. I’m going to overlook that though, since I’m excited you commented here! And I love your dancing blue devil thingy for an icon. Anyway…

    You may like my recent religious post, “religious thought.”

    Mekhami a little background, Adam is actually who I had in mind when I described someone who is “rather agreeable, open minded…”

    Adam what Mekhami described goes beyond proselytizing. Viewing the US as a “christian nation” who’s pluralism only exists as a means towards conversion is, well, xenophobic to say the least. There’s a difference between sharing and a mandate.

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